A Little About Me


Hello! My name is Livia Jenvey, and I’ve spent over 20+ years helping corporations, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate professionals make more money. My mission here is to help women on their entrepreneurial journey. I aim to support women go from struggling in their professional life to thriving as a Girl Boss! 

When I started my first business over a decade ago in the health & wellness space, I thought I could quickly get things going with my business background. I found out the hard way that running your own business is extremely challenging. Being a busy woman that always has too much on my plate made it even harder. Can you relate?

I had to get crystal clear on what I truly wanted. Through a lot of struggle, trial and error, I learned how to create the structure & support I needed to run successful businesses. I want to help others so they don’t have to make the same mistakes I did! 




I created Empowered StarBoss™ LLC to help empower women entrepreneurs who desire to start a business in the health & wellness space on how to set up the right support and structure she needs to profit quickly from her dreams.

I support female entrepreneurs whose desire is to start or grow a company that positively impacts people's wellbeing. Businesses such as ones that empower wellness in: 

  • Digital Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Home Health
  • Social Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Financial Health
  • Physical/Fitness Health
  • Spiritual Health

I'm passionate about seeing more women become successful entrepreneurs in the health & wellness space. And I am focused on helping women develop the right unique strategies for securing consistent lucrative income, financial freedom, career empowerment, and the work-life balance she desires by being her own boss.

So you can quickly propel your business forward to create that life of your dreams!

I Specialize In Supporting Women Entrepreneurs With:


Helping you develop the right business plans to grow your business with ease. 


Helping you develop the right unique business grow strategy that will help you achieve your Girl Boss Dreams.


Get immediate next step actions plans to help you know exactly what to do next to grow your business. 


Get clarity and confidence in how you price your products or services, to achieve profitable ongoing business growth. 


Receive support on creating your pitch deck for obtaining funding for your business. 


Helping you develop effective product growth strategies for achieving long-term success.