Got A Ton Of Creative Business Ideas, But No Plan For How To Execute Any Of Them?

Ready to finally grow that #GirlBoss business of your dreams, but feel lost on where to start? 

You know, in your gut, now is the time to finally get the clarity you need, to finally make this happen.

But, instead, you feel totally lost, confused, stuck, and overwhelmed about what steps to focus on or take, for growing your Girl Boss Business. 

You know, one of your many ideas could be the right one to propel your business forward.  But you're unclear what are the steps or actions to make any of it happen.

You think you should do this, or that, or this one idea over there. Yet, with so many thoughts spinning around in your head each day, you can't come up with a plan to move forward. 

It's not like you haven't tried. But no matter what you do, you're no closer to determining where to even start with it all. You can't focus and are totally confused. 

If only you could have a simple strategy, checklist, guide, plan, anything to use for figuring this all out with ease today!!


As a creative female entrepreneur, have you've been struggling with this for a while now?

Wondering, asking yourself each day,

'HOW can I narrow down what to focus on to propel my business forward?'


Well, if you're ready to develop your simple strategic action plan, to propel your business forward with clarity and ease?

Then what I am about to share with you, will teach you how to do just that.

Now Have You've Already Tried:

  • Reading popular business books, thinking if you chip through all these books, you could embrace concepts of what managing a business means.
  • Joining groups and online communities, thinking you could learn from or see about getting anything out of working with others.
  • Enrolling in various online courses, thinking you could emulate what you’ve seen the successful entrepreneurs do.
  • Even tried getting up early, thinking if you could develop more of an early-bird mentality you could in some way figure this all out.


However, none of those things has helped you.

It really isn't meant to be this confusing to grow a business.

Everyone faces challenges in growing a business, but when you’re living in a state of ongoing confusion.  

Overwhelmed in trying to determine which one of your many creative ideas to pursue.  Frustrated that you can't decide what will the right one to go forward with to help you to get things back in control again. 

To try to pull off growing your business successfully in this state is genuinely not possible. 

Because when you don't have a clear plan of what ideas to follow for running your business.  You'll end up burning yourself out quickly. Because you'll do a lot of work that won't come close producing the results you desire. 

All this does is exhaust you from overfilled schedules and long days.  Living a life stuck, doing things you don't want to do.

Leaving you in an ongoing state of panic and fear that puts you in situations where you end up with unpredictable income and constant confusion as you're trying to grow your business all by yourself.  

Leading you down a path to running your business into the ground fast. 

Why I know all this?

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Livia Jenvey

I’m a Business Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author.


Because this was once me.

You see, like all the people we read about or seen on social media who went from a corporate 9 to 5 to entrepreneurial freedom.  I too heeded the call for this freedom and decided to leap into the entrepreneurial pool.


And oh was I in for a shock, when I jumped in that pool. Because in my early entrepreneur years, I struggled very very badly, because I didn't have a true action plan to guide me through.

I struggled with long exhausting days, many sleepless nights, income unpredictability, and frantic emergency room visits due to stress-related collapses.

I thought, I am strong, resilient, creative, a problem solver, and passionate about making a positive impact to the world. 

I would often say, 'I can figure myself out this madness....'.  As doubled downed and went gung-ho, taking 50+ business courses, reading book after book, joining one group after another. I was endlessly searching for the golden answer to ending my confusion.    

However, no matter how much I was doing, I was still not moving the needle to propel my Girl Boss business forward.  And even though I was doing a ton of things, I was no where near getting the positive results I had desired. 

Sure, I had a ton of ideas, they would come so quickly, but I'd lose focus whenever a new one would arise. Then I'd get overwhelmed with trying to determine which one to choose. 

I'd try to piecemeal things, but then would get confused when more new ideas came.  I didn't think I had any control in my life and constantly felt stuck, and very very overwhelmed on where to focus.


Then one day, I finally figured out the exact action plan I was missing.

  • A plan that was simple, clear, realistic, and that I could follow easily for the first one to three years of my business growth.  
  • A plan I could refer to each time, as a compass, to help me navigate how to handle any new ideas that came up, while I grew my business. 
  • A plan that helped me define the exact actions, steps, and milestones to take to propel my business forward. 

And when I began implementing this plan into my life, it transformed me instantly. Right away, I started to get the positive results I had finally desired. And this started to boost my confidence as a businesswoman instantly.

With this plan by my side, I gained immediate results. 

This plan guided me to confidently score bigger business deals and acquire a constant stream of income in my business. It helped me become a paid speaker and a published author.  It helped me finally have freedom and control in my life.

This is the plan that transformed my life. One that helped me finally develop clarity on how to make my ideas successful.  It was what helped me become an Empowered StarBoss™, a Woman who is empowered shining her Girl Boss self in the world. 

This exact plan I created, was what  gave me the ability to feel 100% EMPOWERED each day.

This Plan Amplified My Girl Boss Power!

After experiencing the benefits first hand, I began teaching my creative women coaching clients how to develop this same action plan too. Helping each amplify her power to regain control, feel empowered, and be secure in growing predictable income in her business.

Each transformed from lives filled with struggle, anxiety, and stress. Into living lives filled with happiness and ease. 

Because she now finally had her realistic one to three-year action plan for propelling her business forward that gave her positive results with ease. 

With their plans now in hand, each gained greater confidence as Girl Bosses. Knowing now, she had a simple to follow game plan for running her biz. 🥳 🥂🎉

Would you be interested in learning how to create this plan for yourself today?

Well First, I will give you a WARNING though. 



Let me be honest: This transformation is for women ready to shift their well-worn, exhausting work paradigm.

If you're not ready to show up to participate in refining and growing your business, this program is not for you. This transformation rewards in proportion to the work you put in, but You Have To Be Ready To Transform NOW.

What If You Had An Action Plan For Propelling Your Business Forward?

What would your day-to-day life be like?

Well first, if you had an action plan to take your business forward. You'd know exactly what steps to take to start to grow your business successfully.

Imagine, waking up each day knowing you can confidently control how your business grows.

You wake up Monday morning and feeling fully rested. Excited to get out of bed, because you know exactly what you gotta do to grow your business income that day, cuz you have a plan to follow.

You get out of bed, take a quick look at your action plan and think to yourself 'Yeah, today would be a perfect day to wear my favorite outfit.'

Cuz you know exactly what you will be focusing today for growing your business. 

You decide since you now have plenty of extra time since your action plan helped build this back into your life.  You'll head over to your favorite coffee shop to get your iced mocha latte, hold the whip of course. 😉

After a full day working with your dream team and favorite clients, you switch your flats into your cute designer heels to meet up with some good friends you haven’t seen for a while who’s in town for dinner to catch up.  

You arrive at the restaurant on time and spend hours laughing and chatting with your friends.

You all are recount about all the fun you had hanging out at that yoga retreat you attended a couple of months back in Costa Rica.  You all laugh about all the fun you had together trying to do that one silly yoga pose on the beach. 

You confidently pay the check, because you have consistent income coming in from your business month after month now.  So you can easily afford to pay and treat your dear friends.   

After the dinner, you and your friends hug your goodbyes and chat about seeing each other again when you are visiting NYC next month for a networking conference you're all traveling to attend.

When you finally get home, wash up, and get into bed.  You fall asleep right away, sleeping soundly through the night knowing you're living the life of your dreams. 💤

What if you could actually live like that?

What if you could create a life where you do have a balance between work and family.  Be in control no matter what craziness you might face because you have an action plan to follow each day confidently.


What if you could immediately develop an action plan, that gave you better results now for creating the future of your dreams?


One which took your strengths and empowered them to move you forward in your business, where you achieve:

  • Stable and secure income predictability.
  • Working with partners and teams, who fuel you with energy & excitement.
  • Feel respected, honored and blessed working with your ideal clients.
  • Have the ability to freely take time off to focus on things important to you, like spending more time with family or connecting with friends.
  • Have a life, and feel connected more in personal relationships and community.
  • To quickly achieve all of this while you're doing work that helps people and makes a meaningful impact on the world.
What if I told you I found the exact action plan to make this all happen and can teach you how to Amplify Your Power to do this too.


  • You’re a woman entrepreneur ready to follow a long-lasting/self-sustaining business action plan to propel your business forward.
  • You want to finally think clearly and focus on the exact steps to take.
  • Have made it a #1 priority to regain control and are ready to grow your business successfully now.
  • You’re committed to freeing yourself of overwhelm and want to develop your unique strategy with the ideas that will work the best.
  • You're done with struggling and 100% ready to make this happen now!


If this sounds like you, let me show you how the Amplify Your Power Program works:


Amplify Your Power is a 4-Week Online Group Coaching Program for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs on how to immediately develop her unique action plan for growing and propelling her business forward.


This is not a cookie-cutter with a one-size fit all approach program, leaving it unclear what to laser focus on. Or a time-consuming program that adds more stressful layers to your already burnout life.

Instead, Amplify Your Power helps you develop your action plan for success — all based on your capacity and commitment level.


Amplify Your Power Program shows you how to clear away any confusion blocking you from propelling your business forward. 

Each week you receive video lessons and exercises guiding you on how to immediately create your easy to follow one to three-year action plan for biz success.

A plan that provides you a compass for navigating how to handle any new ideas which arise while you grow your business.

So you can finally have a simple checklist to follow, where each day you gain:

  • Increased Confidence
  • More Control
  • Personal Freedom
  • Enhanced Self-Worth
  • Clear Focus

Allowing you to finally get the results you desire. 


And Amplify Your Power teaches you the exact plan on how to do all of this and more. 


All the weekly lessons and exercises build upon each other.  Each provides you guidance on how to get clear on all of the ideas you have for your business.


You learn how to define your business direction, what options would bring you in the most income, how to keep yourself accountable as you grow, and much much more.  


And, with the course being available online, you can access it anywhere, and time you have access to the web. Allowing you to create your action plan to your future biz success with ease.


Also If You Enroll Today you also get....Program Bonuses

When You Sign Up Today You Also Receive The Following Program Bonuses:

Bonus #1

Private Facebook Community

Join fellow Female Entrepreneurs ready to support you and lend you valuable feedback.

You will gain access to the Private Community to receive daily support. Where I also join daily, in helping support you to feel confident in scaling your business.


Bonus #2

Recorded Q&A Calls

Gain access to previously recorded Q&A Group Coaching Calls. 

Each of the answered questions helps you gain quicker results in your business.

Value: $1997

You Can Gain Clarity & Focus Today!

Amplify Your Power can help you build the business you've always dreamed of running.

The program provides you the guidance on how to: 

  • AMPLIFY YOUR POWER as a successful woman business owner vs. being burnt out, struggling, and sacrificing.
  • AMPLIFY YOUR POWER on how to be in control of your creative ideas for propelling a business forward with ease.
  • AMPLIFY YOUR POWER on how to confidently think clearly today because you'll have an easy to follow plan for helping you make the right decisions for your business.
  • AMPLIFY YOUR POWER on how to focus on things important to you for gaining income predictability.
  • AMPLIFY YOUR POWER on empowering your self-worth to charge your true value and create the freedom to work with your ideal clients.


Why continue to struggle with trying to figure out:


  • If that one idea would be better than this other one.
  • If you should go this direction vs. the other.
  • Or worse - Force yourself to choose something you don't even want to do.


When you AMPLIFY YOUR POWER, you can confidently create the business of your dreams.


This program provides you the exact system for how to develop your unique action plan for propelling your business forward this next year and the years after — all in a condensed, do at-your-own-pace, access it anywhere transformational online program.

Trust me, the last thing I want to do is put something else on your long to-do list of ideas.

Plus with lifetime access to the program, you can go as fast or slow as you want.  You don’t have to worry if you fall behind going through the course. If you need to take a break from the material if you’ll be out of town, on vacation, or just get swamped for a few days. It will always be there, and you can revisit the course materials anytime.


If you’re ready to:

  • Clarify your business direction and create your easy to follow action plan for achieving the business of your dreams, custom to your capacity and commitment level. 
  • Know what ideas to focus on and the steps to grow your business stress-free.
  • Finally, take control of empowering a path toward business financial stability for yourself for years.




Below Are The Frequently Asked Questions Asked About This Course

1) Question: Will this help me narrow down what to focus on to propel my business forward?

Answer: Yes. This course is about helping you take where you currently are in your business and determine what to focus on next. You learn how to strategize all the ideas you have for your business.  As well learn the exact process for developing your unique action plan with the steps you need for propelling your business forward successfully for the next one to three years. 


2) Question: I consult as a freelancer.  Will this help me determine long term visioning, planning personal finances, assessment of resources, and setting new directions for my business?

Answer: Yes, the regular course helps you clarify your long term visioning, personal finances, resource direction, and business direction for the first 3 years. 


3) Question: Do you feel it will help me scale my biz?

Answer: Yes, this course will help you determine what will be the best direction for your business. We will address the business strengths you have and look at areas you can leverage to move forward today.  


4) Question: Does this benefit me if I’m thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, but I don't have a clear idea of what to sell yet?

Answer: Yes and No. Yes, if you have one to three ideas you wish to pursue for a new business and you have considered them for a number of years. This course can help you determine, which idea to pursue and plan to take. 

No, if you are continually coming up with new ideas, but nothing sticks for a while in what you want to start selling (product or service). This course will not be beneficial. Instead, I'd suggest to check out my other course Brainstorm Mastery. This course teaches you the exact process I have used in the last decade with each of my coaching clients & mastermind groups for achieving immediate solutions on which one of your creative ideas to start with first. To learn more about this course, Click Here. Or, feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] to discuss other options for helping you determine what kind of business to start.  


5) Question: I am hoping to do some visioning, goal setting and career pivoting in the next year with the freelancing I do. Will this course help with this?

Answer: Yes. If you have been a consulting or freelancing for over a year and looking to pivot your goals and vision, this course will help.  


Here is what past participants of this program said after completing AMPLIFY YOUR POWER:

"I am making great progress on what we brainstormed, and finally feel confident now that I have a game plan."

Caitlin R.

"I was burnt out. Not sleeping well. Not eating well and running myself into the ground. I lacked a belief system behind what I was doing. I had a long list of things I wanted to achieve, but with an already overfilled schedule and exhausted from a long day I was struggling finding balance between work and family. Now I feel less stress and anxiety - I truly feel balanced"

Leilani H.
Financial Consultant

"I couldn’t think clearly. It felt beyond frustrated everything circled downward in my life, leaving me paralyzed by fear all day. I was attracting all that I didn’t want. Now I feel supported."

Jodi R.
Mindset Coach

"I thought the answer to my burnout was to have an anchor client and passively while working in-house, develop a stronger rolodex of clients as the launch base for my own company. That's what I've seen my successful solopreneur friends do, but I was running on fumes doing all the legwork of chasing work, delivering it, and building up a company presence by myself. I was running my business filled with so much anxiety. Now I feel I can finally take control and pull off my "Shawshank Redemption."

Hanul B.
Freelance Consultant

"I’m super excited to move forward with a more solid plan for my business as a result of all of the awesome feedback!

Namibia T.
Freelance Data Analyst

Enrollment Options

The Following Are Your Investment Options For Enrolling In This Program


Paid In Full

4-Week Online Group Coaching Program

+ Bonus #1:

Private Facebook Community

+ Bonus #2:

Recorded Q&A Calls




Per Month - 4 Months Total

4-Week Online Group Coaching Program

+ Bonus #1:

Private Facebook Community

+ Bonus #2:

Recorded Q&A Calls



Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don't absolutely LOVE Amplify Your Power with Livia Jenvey - or don't feel that it meets your needs - please contact our team within 14 days of your date of purchase, and we'll happily issue you a refund. 

So what's the excuse holding you back from living the life of your dreams?



You might be saying to yourself - ‘I'm not the most on-time person. I struggle to be on time to places. I am usually just on time or five minutes late. I probably procrastinate. I need to develop a more early-bird mentality first.’

Yes, sure being on time and not procrastinating will help.  However, when you are already burnt out and exhausted from working a long day, working harder will not get you anywhere other than causing you more stress and anxiety.  

When you Amplify Your Power, you create easy to follow plan based on a realistic capacity and commitment level you can successfully execute.  



Or maybe you are thinking - ‘I should join more online communities to see about learning what I don't already know.  I’m also thinking of doing another marketing funnel course I saw. Plus my Kindle is full of Harvard Business Review books that I would like to chip through.’

Wonderful, taking part in these is excellent for expanding your knowledge.  However, following through with a good-sounding idea will fade when you come from a place of I’m not good enough to materialize it.  

When you Amplify Your Power, you have a 110% higher chance of following through in implementing great ideas, because you have an action plan that comes from a place of empowerment.



But you say - ‘Some of these things I have tried to do before, but I had to postpone them. I don’t have the time to prioritize growing this business.’

Be honest, if you had to point to what you’ve done about prioritizing anything in your business in the last 30 days, would you have much to say?

Truthfully, you will get the time you need to support yourself fully if you Amplify Your Power, because you will have a simple action plan to get back more time in your life.  


I know you are also probably thinking - ‘I know this ain’t a life, I’m obviously burnt out from building up a company presence by myself.  However, I have so many ideas and directions to go and can’t think clearly about what would be the right plan to start. I don’t come from money, it’s all on my shoulders, and I can’t focus.’

I get it. That’s why Amplify Your Power, is so empowering.  It helps you get clear on your ideas and be able to laser focus on the right actions to take to get immediate results.

Why Wait Another Day.

It’s now your time to live your purpose while having income predictability and financial stability for yourself for the long term.

It’s now your time to AMPLIFY YOUR POWER NOW!!!


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