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3 Easy Steps For Releasing Self-Judgment

Years ago, I read a book by Gabrielle Bernstein called Judgment Detox, which I highly recommend.

I had picked up the book because the title of the book resonated with me since self-judgment was a topic I was starting to tackle personally.

However, at first, when I found who the author of the book was, I hesitated to read it. Friends of mine had told me about this author and the other books that she'd written, but I often dismissed her other books because I honestly had a negative judgment about her.

Which was ironic that when I started to address my self-judgment and how it had started to impact my life negatively, the universe said, hey, here's someone you're judging who has a book on this subject.

Taking this as a sign, I bought the book and learned so much from it. It changed my impressions about not only the Gabby but myself.

Being an ambitious Girl Boss, I've found that judgment can work in your favor or not.

In my younger years, some of my self-judgment worked for me to motivate me to do more. A number of my experiences honestly wouldn't have ever happened if that voice inside hadn't pushed me to strive for higher levels of achievement.

However, what I've also found is that judgmental voice, if left unchecked, can make your life a living hell.

I've found that if I only listen to this judgmental voice, I will ignore my intuition and my heart's guidance, which had often resulted in me becoming so crippled by fear that it would end up having full-blown anxiety attacks.

Lately, with so much fear in the world over the uncertainly of how this coronavirus pandemic will affect our lives in the future, I've noticed my judgment has been more critical than ever.

To help me detach from having self-judgment run the show, so I don't make any negative decisions based on fear. I've been doing the following exercise I would like to share with you today.

3 Easy Steps For Releasing Self-Judgment


Step 1: Give The Judgmental Voice A Name & Persona

  • Start with taking that judgmental voice inside your head and make it a separate person.
  • Give your judgment a name and describe it as a person with comical characteristics.
  • I like to call my judgmental voice, 'Judge Jenny' and I describe her as a woman judge who wears a big black robe, that's way too big for her body. I also give her huge ears and small eyes, which makes me laugh when I imagine her.


Step 2: Name The Judgment Each Time You Notice It Speaking

  • After you've given the judgment a name and comical persona, begin to become aware when you notice the judgment speaking.
  • As soon as you become aware of it saying something judgmental (like: 'you're not good enough' or 'you can't do that'), immediately think to yourself, " Oh, there's (name of your judgment) 'Judge Jenny' talking again.
  • Do this step often as you can. The more you do, it will help make it easier to bring awareness of the name of your judgment as a comical character.


Step 3: Thank The Judgment For Its Message

  • The final step here is to thank your judgment each time it provides you a message.
  • This will defuse the fear around the judgmental message, allowing you to take the information from a neutral place.
  • I've found when I'm able to see the judgmental message from an unbiased perspective. I can take it in as something to learn from, or I can see if it's a fear-based assumption that could have negative repercussions if I had acted upon such a statement.

I've found when I do the above steps. It helps me have more control over my thoughts and actions, so I can make decisions that empower my life.

Give this exercise a try today if you're finding yourself overrun with self-judgment and would like support in removing the fear to empower a bright Girl Boss Life future for you.




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