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This Is Best Personal Development Course You Will Ever Take

Many years ago, I heard someone quote"

"That the best personal development course you will ever take is becoming an entrepreneur."

Hands down, I have to say, a big fat YES to this!

Still till this day, over a decade now since becoming an entrepreneur, I can easily say is one has been a massive education in personal development.

I found being an entrepreneur is a personal development course teaching you how to become empowered in your whole being.

Because each time I am facing a new level in my entrepreneurial journey, it's a real-life lesson in growing myself more personally.

I like to use the analogy of becoming an entrepreneur is like an adventurer climbing a mountain. You the adventurer, decided one day that this one mountain you are going to climb, and you will reach the top to be victorious.

In climbing your mountain, you are going to hit some unknown experiences.

Because between where you are at your current moment and where you dream of being has a big unknown cavern right in the middle.

So when you are climbing up the path to reach your mountain top. You might face things such as steep icy walls, fighting off wild animals, trekking for days with no sign of benefit in sight, etc.

Your journey will bring up all sorts of fears, anxieties, or insecurities. Especially in thinking you're not good enough to make the full journey.

They will push you beyond your comfort zone, and when you get past these lessons you learn how to exceed and excel personally in many facets of your life.

I had found it so valuable to have invested in working with amazing mentors and coaches during my journey to help quickly alleviate these feelings.

It had made the fear and anxiety I was facing much easier to handle because these were people who had been on the trail before me and gave me insights and tips on how to handle some of the unknown and scary portions of the path.

Do you have a coach or mentor you are working with now to help you along your journey?


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