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How to Keep Your Spirits High During Chaos

How does a woman keep her spirits high during chaos? Especially if it feels like the chaos is insurmountable?

She uses her secret weapon: anger!

Human emotions are our woman’s north stars. They guide our intuition toward those things we want to pursue… or not.  Emotions are here to bring us insights. To be a fully Empowered StarBoss means to honor all our emotions and use them to our benefit to help us grow and thrive spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

One simple example is Love.

Love is the most powerful emotion. Women have even been witnessed to lift a one-ton car off their trapped child like a comic book superhero by the strength of their love. Love is truly the strongest and most positive emotion. However, sometimes love may not be enough to get you through chaotic times. You may need an extra boost, like a double shot of espresso kind of boost.

This is where the secret weapon of Anger comes in.

When you add in anger to certain situations with love. It adds to your love power like a double espresso shot boost.  The key to Anger though as it also a strong emotion, you got to know when and how to use it to be positive for you. This is why we at times can get nervous in thinking we can’t use the emotion of anger. Which can be true at times when anger used as a negative because this misuse will lead more towards self-destruction.

However if you use anger in a positive way leveraged with love. That combination will empower you to new heights, especially when you are in a situation where chaos is running amok. It’s like a late afternoon pick-me-up when you need a shot of rocket fuel to give you laser focus on a specific target. Allowing you to stay on target while you are moving through a tornado storm.

Below I will share a specific exercise you can try today, to use anger as a boost to your love power.

One thing to point out as a note to remember before you begin, just as you shouldn’t do double espresso shots all the time as it can mess with both your focus and health, same goes for anger. When you’re going to use it, use it occasionally to give you the boost you need. Secret weapons are powerful after all only use them when we really need them!

Step #1 – Recall Something or Someone You Were Once Angry At

The next time you find yourself faced with insurmountable challenges or chaos you can’t get out of, get angry. Think of a person who once told you that you couldn’t accomplish something in your life and you had accomplished it anyway. We all have at least one of these people, you told us we couldn’t do something, but we did it anyway.

Step #2 – Embrace The Emotion

Let yourself completely feel the anger you have towards them. Really dive into the hatred you feel, the hurt and disappointment of them not supporting you and saying negative things to you. Don’t hold back here. Dive deep into all of those strong emotions. Feel so angry, you could take a pillow from your bed and use it to whack your bed numerous times.

Step #3 – Imagine You Telling Them I Told You So

Now, once you are deep into the feeling of anger toward this person, let yourself imagine their face and the look of pure disbelief and shock when you flaunt all success you have coming in and how you made your thrive and amazing. (Even if you never did tell them in person, image if you had told them). But don’t stop there. Move this anger into feeling excited, elated, and joyous, as this person’s eyes are bugging out, jaw hanging open, speechless because your business endeavor worked like a charm and you are rolling in the dough. Feel all the gleeful, giddy delight, as they’re looking at you, just awestruck at your glamorous accomplishment.

Step #3 – Get Excited About How Amazing You Are

Now, revel in the love you feel for your accomplishments. You did it. You succeeded when they told you that you didn’t have a chance. Feels good, doesn’t it? Hold onto these feelings as long as you need them.

Once you are done, go put on your favorite outfit and go rock your day like the leading lady you are!

OK fabulous, now you know what to do. Repeat this exercise as many times as you need to get your Empowered StarBoss mojo going.

Remember the next time life throws any insurmountable chaos at you, bring out your secret weapon: anger. This is your stage, darling. Go show all the haters how you do it!



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