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What to Do on A Self-Care Day

When was the last time you took time for yourself to be lazy and care for yourself?

If the first thought that pop's in your head is - 'it's been a while,' then you are way overdue for some well-deserved self-care time.

As a female entrepreneur, it's essential to have a self-care routine because it makes a massive difference in your ability to run your business successfully or not.

What self-care time does, is 'recharge your batteries' so you can keep trekking with confidence on your entrepreneurial journey. However, if you don't get this recharge time, then your journey will get to be very difficult during those times when you have a new road to climb.

I know it can be really easy to keep going and going, without stopping. Yet, realistically even the energizer bunny has to recharge its battery.

So how do you even start on a self-care routine for yourself?

Here are a few ideas you can try to incorporate in your life today:


1) Schedule in one day a week as an Official Chill Day

Pick one day a week, where all you do is sleep in, eat good food, and drink enough water. Make this a day, where you do nothing but lounge around. Binge-watching, your favorite Netflix Tv series, is a perfect thing to do on this day.


2) Spend Time in Nature

Spend time outdoors by going to a local park or chilling in your back yard. You can take a walk, sit and read a book, or relax and look at nature.


3) Have A Home Dance Party

Break out the tunes, close the door, and have a dance party in the comfort of your own home.


4) Spa Time

Either scheduling a facial, massage, manicure, or pedicure, any of these spa time activities will allow you to recharge with ease.


5) Art Time

Break out your favorite paints, pens, stickers, scissors, and have art time. You can draw, sketch, paint, do collages, anything that is fun, artsy, and relaxing.


The above are just a few ideas to start with today in creating self-care time for supporting your entrepreneurial journey. Feel free to try any of these out or come up with ones of your own to start developing your self-care routine today.



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