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How To Confidently Accept A Compliment

women empowerment Mar 26, 2019

We, women, have sadly been conditioned, not to take a compliment. We seem to make some excuse or another for why we shouldn't take a tribute when someone gives us one.

We will say oh..this old thing, or no I can't accept...blah..blah...blah...

If you don't believe me, check out an Amy Schumer's 2013 Comedy Central video where she shared this.

As you are a female entrepreneur going out there doing your hustle to grow your business, I bet getting a little extra confidence will benefit you big time, which is why it might be time to ditch the old habit of not accepting a compliment.

Because when you start to receive compliments, this will grow your sense of self-worth which equals more confidence which equals a happy growing and thriving business and life.

Now, to accept a compliment we have to begin to graciously and politely take it with a merely saying "Thank You."

It can feel odd when you first do this because you have been in the habit to give your standby other ''this old thing' instead.

One fun way to help you get used to accepting a compliment by merely saying thank you is to add a condition if you unknowingly fall into your old habit of giving excuses instead saying Thank You. Use the help of others.

One of these conditions you could use is one I learned from an ex-boyfriend I once dated who was a personal trainer. He would tell his female clients if they don't gracefully accept a compliment by merely saying "Thank You," he made them do five push-ups. Which, no one likes push-ups, so this quickly got his female clients to learn to accept a compliment readily.

Use this great tactic to enlist someone close to you who will have you do five push-ups if they catch you not saying Thank You when you get a compliment.

Using this technique will help you remember that the next time when someone compliments you. Accept It or Do Push-ups.

Try this tactic today help keep your practice accept a compliment because no one likes doing push-ups. ;)



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