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Determining What Will Make You Happy

One of the biggest challenges I remember when I first decided on becoming an #girlboss years ago was getting clear on what makes me happy.

At the time, I had spent the majority of my life, making sure I made others happy first. Either it was my family, my boss, my friends, my boyfriend, etc. Whoever was in my life, and I cared about, my goal was to make sure they were happy. So when it came to me being happy, I was so knee-deep in self-sacrifice, I had no real clue what happiness meant to me.

Yet, all I knew was I wanted not to be doing what I was doing, cuz I felt it drained the life out of me. I had a desire to try something else, to make a big career change, and start taking charge of how I ran my life, especially when it came to the work I did for a living.

So when the day came, for me to make the shift into the entrepreneurial world, I jumped at the first thing that interested me: photography. However, after a year of owning a photography studio, I realized I wasn't happy doing this for a living and decided to close the business and try the next thing I was interested in: fitness coaching.

And it was during this time as a fitness coach. I finally got clear on what makes me happy. It was during then. I found out what makes my heart sing, and I could happily spend the rest of my life doing. Which, interestingly enough, it had nothing to do with fitness coaching. What makes me happy? Well, it had to do with learning.

I learned as a fitness coach, what made me happy was learning new things. And that I loved sharing them with others, who appreciated how learning these new things, too, helped them quickly and easily benefit their lives in many positive ways.

When I finally got clear on what makes me happy, I realized what I needed then to focus on in the type of business to run. Helping me quickly create clarity and focus on creating a living that makes me happy.

If you are having a challenge right now, trying to get clear on what makes you happy as you're either just starting or growing your Girl Boss business?

Then I would highly recommend taking the VIA Institute on Character Survey for helping you determine your Character Strengths.

The Via Institute created a great tool to help you determine the key strengths that are key to being your best self are.  And when you're being your best self, you are your most happiness.

When I took this survey years later after getting clear on what makes me happy, it was dead on. Seriously, it had my top three key strengths in the exact areas I found in what makes me happy.

If you haven't yet taken it?

Here's a link take it for free: FREE CHARACTER STRENGTHS SURVEY




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