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Empower Yourself As A Woman

#girlboss business growth finding focus women empowerment Oct 20, 2020

You wanna know what has been the scariest thing I've ever done as an entrepreneur?

It's been allowing myself to own and be myself and sharing the real me to the world.

To make money as soon as possible & knowing exactly what to do without being distracted means owning being yourself.

Being yourself gives you the clarity to know exactly what you like and don't like. What makes your heart sing when others are unclear on the song you're singing. It also means you can remove distractions that are not inlined with what your heart desires.

Yet, it can feel like a scary fright movie to make the trek to own being yourself in a world where we are often taught to be someone else. And it can feel scream-worthy to then share yourself to the world.

As a woman of color from immigrant parents, being myself wasn't something I was taught to own. For me, it was about being someone else, being the "good girl."

The role of the "good girl" involved hiding who I was to sacrifice my happiness for others' happiness. As a "good girl," the emphasis was to hide the real you, like a ghost. Don't speak bad, say yes to everything, take what others gave you, and put others' needs before your own.

The role of the "good girl" was to be played at all times. From the office to the friends to relationships I had. Being the good girl meant putting others before myself and not allowing myself to accept and own my whole unique self or share it with the world.

It wasn't until I felt like a zombie, living a soulless life. That I finally motivated myself to break free from the "good girl" role and become what my soul had desired for ages to be a Girl Boss.

Yet, shifting out of that "good girl" role into an Empowered Girl Boss wasn't something that happened overnight. It's still something I'm working on today.

When you create a business that gives you the freedom and enjoyment you desire, that old "good girl" role will not smoothly go away.

That old role will get me coming up with images in my head of some scary horror movie when I allow myself to be vulnerable in being me, especially when I start to walk down a new and unknown path.

These are the paths that made me very vulnerable. Because, I would be super scared walking down a path, many others wouldn't tread.

Yet, what I've learned thus far in my journey is that owning all pieces of myself. Even the ones I wished I didn't have provided me the most incredible power as a Girl Boss.


Vulnerability is a superpower.


It's the greatness you already hold within, and when you share it with yourself and others, you amplify your success.

When you own who you are. You understand immediately what type of structure you need that's unique to you to create what will achieve results quickly in making your girl boss dreams a reality.

Be yourself Beautiful.

There has never been anyone like you. There currently isn't anyone like you, and there never will be anyone close to who you are ever. Empower your success by owning your unique fabulous self and being vulnerable to all the greatness you hold within.

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You Got This!!! Be You Today & Everyday!!!



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