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#girlboss business growth confidence building motivation self empowerment Aug 04, 2020

Do you often daydream about how your business will look like in the near future?

If not, I'd highly recommend practicing this fun activity.

I love taking time each day to daydream about how my business will look like in a couple of years. One, it's so much fun to imagine all the things I'm doing as a Girl Boss in my future. Two, it helps me stay grounded and sane during this crazy time we live in at the moment. Because I get to step away from the fear of uncertainty to live confidently in my future goals, allowing me to stay on task to making them real.

I picked up this habit of daily business goal daydreaming when I heard this great quote from Robin Sharma:

"What you focus on grows, what you think about expands, and what you dwell upon determines your destiny."

I've become so disciplined in dreaming each day of my business future goals success, that it's even a scheduled daily activity I do. I have it as a task to complete in my weekly journal.


To grow a business, it's like running a marathon. It takes time, effort, and stamina to cross your finish line of making an impact while making a living.

It's important to remember as you're starting your business to develop a loving relationship with your business for it to grow successfully. There will be days when things can get stressful, which is why having moments where you daydream of your business future comes in handy.

When you spend time daily dreaming of your business future, you're holding the feeling inside you in what you want to feel from having achieved your business goals. Doing this allows you to feel strong, confident, secure, safe, connected because your daydreaming has you having crossed that future business finish line with success.

When you're creating a new path as a Girl Boss, leaving your old way of working, to now become an entrepreneur, can feel scary.  Doubt can creep in having you think it won't work out, if you pursue this business dream.

Often I see this happen when you may seem like an oddball to all those who are in your life, whom may see this new path you're taking as unattainable.  The truth is, this is your path, not theirs and you will never know unless you try pursuing this calling your heart is nudging you to go after. Our success comes from honoring what your heart wants and not letting doubt or fear control us. 

Creating your future comes from your heart's desire, and feeling it daily with daydreaming of your business future empowers this inside of you. It provides you the daily motivation to keep going, no matter what is happening in the world, to reach your desired business goals finish line. 

Setting up for success is taking what you have in your mind and implementing daily actions to achieve your dreams. One simple action to empower your future is making daydreaming of your business bliss a daily priority. 

Try it this week by making it a daily ritual to daydream of your business future. Feel all your heart's excitement as you envision what your girl boss success looks like. Allow this dream to motivate your actions each day, as you go out there and make your dreams come true.

When you honor your heart's guidance, you become an inspiration for others who also want to do the same.



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