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One Quick Way To Empower An Attitude of Gratitude

With this week being Thanksgiving here in the U.S., we all gather together on Thursday to break bread with our loved ones.

Typically Thanksgiving is a day full eating a lot of good food, watching our favorite American football team, and spending quality time with family.

However, what usually happens before this day of Thanksgiving is many days of stress. Either planning for the big dinner, hosting family members, or traveling to these events, not to mention the shopping madness of the day after Black Friday. All of this can leave you wondering how on earth can you muster any sort attitude of gratitude when you're exhausted.

Well, here is an easy and simple thing to try when you're facing the challenge of any holiday stress — and looking to cultivate that attitude of gratitude.

First - Where ever you are at the moment you notice your stress is climbing, sneak off to a place where it is quiet, and you can be alone. I recommend the restroom, as it's a secure place to go sneak off to be alone where ever you are.

Second - Look yourself in the mirror and say either out loud or silently to yourself: 

"Thank you! I am grateful for all the things I do!"

That's it! Easy, peasy.

You'll be surprised how this one simple action will immediately cultivate an attitude of gratitude in yourself. It will allow you to release the stress, bring you into a place of relaxation, and you will be able to easily let go of any family comments, which may have gotten you annoyed.

Do it as many times as you would like. Even sneaking back when you think you would like an extra gratitude boost.  You'll notice how quickly your mind will shift into a state of ease, happiness, and thankfulness for all you do. 




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