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How to Get Focused This Fall

Sep 01, 2021
Girl Boss Focus & Empowerment

There’s something about a new season that makes me want to get focused, organized, and accomplish great things. Maybe it’s the change in weather that forces me to rethink my business and personal strategies. 

Or maybe it’s because we have four seasons -- giving me the chance to refocus four times a year -- that allows me to check my heart, a chance to regroup and figure out where I’m going, and if it’s where I want to go. With focus comes success; with planning comes achievement and meeting desires and goals. 


So, are you ready to get focused? 


Or are you feeling a little overwhelmed at not being able to get focused?

As a business coach and mentor, finding what you want to focus on and providing you a helpful road map to get there is what I love to do and what I was trained to do. It’s at the heart of what I consider to be one of the most valuable ways to define and direct your life course.

If you aren’t aware of the many different programs I offer, let’s go over some of them. I know one or more will strike a perfect chord with you. They are created to help guide you into the most focused and right decision for your business.


Brainstorm Mastery Online Program

If you're an entrepreneur who feels lost trying to determine which one of your many ideas will get your business off the ground, then Brainstorm Mastery Online Program will help you do just that.

In this online course, I share the exact techniques I have used in the last decade with each of my coaching clients and mastermind groups.

These will help you determine immediately which one of your many creative ideas will empower you today for ongoing Girl Boss success so you can finally get your business off the ground and running high! If you need a little focus, check this program out today!

Amplify Your Power Online Group Coaching

If you're confused and overwhelmed about what is even the right direction to take to make your GirlBoss Business a success, then this is the program for you.

This program helps you create your business empowerment plan that's easy and simple to follow. So you can confidently create that successful business that allows you to live your purpose while paying you a stable, secure, lucrative income. All while making a meaningful impact in the world. 

This program teaches you how to amplify your one-of-a-kind power within to develop your unique empowerment plan for ongoing business success. 

If you’re ready to have the right focus for your business success. Then check out the Amplify Your Power Online Group Coaching program! 

2-Hour Coaching Intensive

 The 2-Hour Private Coaching Intensive is to help empower greater clarity and focus for growing your business.

During our intensive, we meet one-to-one via Zoom for two hours to determine what immediate steps are needed to grow your business to the next level you desire.

We outline the right actions to implement today to take your Girl Boss business to higher levels. This is a short but very powerful meeting that can literally jumpstart you and your business to where you want it to go and end up. The 2-Hour Coaching Intensive might be just what you need!

90- Day Coaching Program

 This three-month program allows me to work with you individually to accelerate your business skills in a more in-depth way. 

This program includes: 

  • Three 60-minutes sessions each month of the program.
  • Unlimited email access during the program.
  • Weekly business actions Items to work on.

It’s a way to really understand where you’re coming from, what you need to work on and find a plan to implement the things you need to make your business a success. The 90-Day Coaching Program is a wonderful three-month encouragement and mentorship program. It’s a way to have someone by your side helping you navigate the business world in the direction you want for your best success.

What could be better than that? 

6-Month Coaching Program

Perhaps you’re looking for a new direction, or want to define the business you truly desire, my 6-Month Coaching Program will help you discover, implement, and drive into existence the desires and hopes for your business.

Empowered StarBoss™ private coaching program empowers you on how to develop the strategies for securing lucrative consistent income in your heart-centered business. 

In the 6-Month Private Coaching Program, you work with me individually during our time together to accelerate your business success. 

This program includes: 

  • Three 60-minutes sessions each month of the program.
  • Unlimited email access during the program.
  • Weekly Business Actions Items to work on

With a longer time span, 6 months allows us to create strategies, business structure, and personalized individual support for achieving your goals.

All of these programs use different time spans --and unique concepts -- to accomplish focus and organization for your business, which ends up trickling into your personal life in the best way possible.

If you’re ready to get your best girl boss life moving forward with the energy and life you’ve always imagined your business to have, then look no further. 


I look forward to connecting with you, finding the right angle for your business to go, and create a focus that is so empowered you won’t be able to contain your enthusiasm!


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