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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

One thing I like to do at the end of a year is to reflect on the achievements and lessons gained from the year.

I look at all areas of my life I had chosen to shift and see how those shifts went and what lessons I can learn for bringing with me in the upcoming year. Then after I have reviewed my current year, I start to plan out what goals I would like to achieve for my next year.

Recently a friend of mine shared with me how they do their yearly lessons learned & upcoming year goal setting. Something I found powerful about it was how before diving into next year's goals, define the overall Purpose, Outcomes, and Themes you would like to accomplish for the upcoming year.

When I saw this, I realized we each unconsciously have this in our mind when we start a new year. We may think our purpose of the year is going to be a new year of change or focus in one area in our life. Then our outcome is to achieve x, y, and z. Then the overall theme of the year is based on something we want to feel great about, which is the reason for our purpose and outcome.

For example, you may have the purpose of losing those extra pounds, so you look great for the outcome of your upcoming wedding next year. And the theme of you doing this is you will feel and look amazing on your wedding day.


So for this upcoming new year, I ask you this.

What are the goals you plan to achieve, and have you yet defined what Purpose, Outcome, and Theme you would like to pursue?


Because Beautiful, your future is waiting and doing this will give you the greatest gift you can give to your business and life!

Plus when you add this with your Action Plan, you'll seriously have the gifts that keeps on giving for years.

The next level you chose to propel your business forward is ready for you to achieve this upcoming year!!! 

It's Your Time Beautiful To Make Your Biz Dreams Come True!!!!!



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