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How To Quickly Cure The Regret Of Having Fun

Do you suffer from the "I'd Rather Work Instead Mindset"?

You enjoy long walks on the beach, lavish candlelight bubble baths, fun-filled shopping trips to Saks, getting all dolled up to go to the theatre to watch Hamilton, or even doing a girls dinner where you all get to try out that new tapas restaurant downtown which opened up last week, you hear they have the best skinny margaritas.

Sure you love all these things, but honestly, you believe, you're not good at actually doing these things...well because you always think you need to work instead.

Yeah, you may have even gotten yourself to the beach, but instead of enjoying the scenery, your working on your laptop the whole time. 

Or like maybe tonight. You regret having to see friends for dinner and don't want to go...but you know you'll love it once you're there! You're torn between canceling on them to work or going and having fun!

I know irritating.

I get it! Well, cuz this was me too. I would make an excuse after excuse not to be social because I thought I needed to be working instead.

So what stopped me from continuing to live that way?

My father died suddenly, totally out of the blue. And all the things I had planned to do with him later, like he & I going sailboating on the coast, or traveling back again together to visit the family to the UK. It all faded away, in a flash. I was a wreck. Full of a ton of regret, that I wasted time working when I could have spent time with my dad instead.

I'm sharing this with you, because I don't want you too to regret what I did or to end up like a past client of mine Lina who worked so much, she end up in ER, not only once but twice within six months having had literally collapsed from working so much in her business.

So if you're currently finding it's a struggle to do fun things purely for the pleasure of it. Here is a quick remedy to apply to your life to help.

Make Fun Obligatory
- When you make fun obligatory you making it like a work item, you have to do. This remedy works well when you enlist others into the act. For example, you love massages, but even though you had gone out and bought that monthly membership at the local spa, in the hope you would schedule them monthly. You still have a ton of massages backlogged you haven't planned. Ok, enlist a friend, or someone who you know will hold you accountable. Tell them, if you don't schedule and have one of your monthly massages you will donate money to a charity you hate. Make sure you pick a charity you dislike here to have you motivated not to want to dare give them any money. So when the next month rolls around and your friend checks on you to see if you got your massage done, they can make it obligatory for you to cough up the cash, if you didn't.

Try this out, in anything you consider fun that you have a hard time enjoying. You will quickly find yourself making it a habit to do fun things purely for the pleasure of it.


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