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1 Way To Improve Self Care This Week

#girlboss self-care work & life balance Mar 02, 2020

Recently, during one of my early am fitness classes when I wasn't paying enough attention. I stepped too quickly on a step-up box and twisted my ankle.

Luckily, the accident wasn't so bad that I would require a cast, which was something I had once endured ages ago with my other foot. No, this injury forced me to be off my feet for a week with minimal movement, plenty of ice, foot wraps, meds, and requiring me to take it easy and with no workouts for a couple of weeks.

Disappointed and frustrated, since I was due to travel the day of my accident. I had to honor my diagnosis and cancel my travel plans at the last minute. Now, as I was forced to be home and immobile for most of the week, I did what I should have done before the accident had occurred. Provide myself some well-deserved self-care.

Throughout my life experiences, I've found that we women, especially us Girl Bosses, are strong women who can fight any battle she chooses. You're the Shero of your entrepreneurial journey, and being this, you know you got to go out and give your all to make it happen.

However, this great ability to fight through our battles also has a negative side, when we forget to balance out our actions with ongoing self-care.

Thus for me, injuring my ankle and forcing me to stay home and take it easy, was the universe reminding me I needed to rebalance my self-care. Because, before my accident, I hadn't been getting enough sleep because I was more focused on doing other things than caring for myself. This lack of self-care, was the reason my ability to pay attention, which is a crucial thing needed during moments like, say, doing a fast one-foot step-up box exercises. Was absent when I needed it the most. 

So, I have to ask you today: Are you taking care of yourself enough as you could be?

Cuz, if you're not, you could be depleting yourself more than you realize.

Are you getting enough sleep, eating healthy, or including in your life ongoing activities that rebalance your energy?

Take a moment today to give yourself a quick inventory of how you feel physically.

Then after you have determined what one thing you think you might need more of, ask yourself:

What is one thing I can plan this week that will help get me rebalanced?

Is it, hiring a babysitter to stop by to take the kids out so you can take a nap for a couple of hours to catch up on your sleep. Is it, scheduling a massage or pedicure to give yourself some well-deserved relaxation. Or is it, maybe, finally enrolling in one of those healthy food services to deliver meals to your house to eat good a few times a week. Pick one and schedule it in your life today.

Because trust me beautiful, it's better to start to be pro-active now in making sure you're creating ongoing self-care in your life.

Cuz, if you don't, the universe will force you to anyway, as it did to me. ;)

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