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How To Stop Self-Sabotaging Yourself From Living A First Class Life


Do you dream of living a first-class lifestyle?

Enjoying traveling in style while frequenting luxury 5-star resorts all the time, yet there is this little voice inside of you which says:

How on earth are you going to excel up into that first class level from where you're at now?

Well, Beautiful, I'm here to say. Yes, you can, and to make it work successfully takes changing what you believe about yourself.

To be victorious in migrating up to a higher lifestyle level, it truthfully starts as an inside job.

You can immediately earn the extra income, get luxury goods, and live the high roller life, but if you haven't done the inside work to make it stick. Sadly you will end up like a lot of famed lottery winners. You win it BIG and then immediately lose it all and then some.

The reason this unfortunately happens is if you skyrocket to the top too quickly, and your inner compass who aligns to a lower level will unconsciously drag you back down to the level it believes is comfortable.

Its focal point is to keep you safe, and if some hidden part of you thinks you are still not worthy of a first-class life. It will pull you back down to a lower level. Though you might be hanging out in a 1st class place, your mind won't be genuinely comfortable keeping you there and this is where all the unconscious self-sabotaging behaviors will run havoc.

With any change, you wish to make stick it takes consistent action and doing things incrementally for you to be able to handle days where you may fall back down.

It's all about growing one step at a time into your most magnificent self and honoring who you are in the process. When you do this, you then easily draw towards you the consistnet first-class lifestyle.

An easy trick to helping you break any old patterns which could be holding you back and unconsciously self-sabotaging you from excelling forward is to try the following simple three-step exercise for the next 30 days:


Step #1 - Track What You Say To Yourself

Start the process by tracking what you're saying. Similar to tracking your calories if you want to lose weight, becoming aware of your thoughts will allow you to take note of all those times you are getting pulled internally. To be comfortable in a first-class lifestyle, you have to see what are the negative words which are stopping you from residing there. You can't clean what you don't know you got inside of you. Depending on where you are in life, there might be stuff hidden in places you didn't think existed.

Be gentle here and apply no judgments to what you're saying. Simply observe the words and only make a note of them in this initial step. Do this for the first seven days.

Step #2 - Detox Your Old Language

After you tracked your negative words, for the following 21 days, add in a new positive word to wash out the old. You resonate like a magnet to the thoughts you hold inside your mind. It's all about like attracts like. If you desire to shift, its time to start to make positive first class words your daily intake. Think of it as you are now switching from eating junk food (negative words) to eating healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, lean protein).

I like to use post-it notes here to help in keeping the positive word(s) fed to me daily. Simple phrases work the best like " I am Worthy" or " I am Wealthy". Once you have chosen your positive phrase, put the post-it note on the bathroom mirror to see it first thing in the am and the last thing before bed. This trick works wonders for flushing out the negative and bringing in the positive thoughts each day.

Step #3 - Become Aware Of Negative External Influences

Finally, as a bonus, become aware of who is in your orbit who tends to bring you the equivalent version of donuts to your mind. These are the people who frequently say stuff to you such as: "You do you think you are. I could never buy that ...why would you want such an expensive thing...being famous is overrated, you only get in trouble...blah blah blah."

Begin to start to use more positive words when you are speaking with them. They may not realize they are influencing your thoughts with negative language. Or if you must, consider spending a little less time in their presence. Maybe consider bringing in positive support such as a coach or mentor to help you there. Having outside assistance will be your guiding light on days where you only see darkness.

Try these steps today to help remove any unconscious self-sabotaging behaviors stopping you from living a higher lifestyle level.

Be gentle. Take all the time you need when practicing this exercise. It is all about removing the negative from the daily intake to your mind so you can have the consistent first-class lifestyle you desire in your life.

Champagne Toasts To You Beautiful! šŸ„‚



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