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You're More Than Enough To Do This

One of the things I see more often with female entrepreneurs I coach vs. the men I have worked with over the years is that women tend to do a great deal of too many things.

And this ironically leads to thinking - 'I am not good enough'.

When I work with my one-to-one clients, I like to gain an understanding of each person's background and ask details about what they have accomplished.

Each time, I usually get from each of the women I coach a long list of courses, training, books, higher education schools attended, etc., each has done, which is way more than many of her male counterparts.

Each individually seems to be striving for perfectionism in their craft. She would tell me she still really wasn't good enough, but honestly, she's more than good enough - she's an expert in her unique craft & had almost the equivalent of a Ph.D. in her subject matter.

Yet, what was also happening was, her thinking she was not good enough at her craft was also her thinking towards everything she did in running her company too.

I totally get it. This was once where I was. I was once caught up in the perfectionism of running my business, but all it did was cause me a ton of financial setbacks.

One of the biggest lessons I learned as an entrepreneur was understanding what being an expert was really all about in business.

By definition, to be an expert means =

'one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject.'

Experts often become good in one particular subject. They are also ongoing learners and are always learning more.

Experts also understand there are certain areas they are not good at and will leverage the support of others who are good in those areas to help them.

Thus to be an expert in my craft, I had to learn if I wanted a financially successful business. I could only be an expert in those things which healthily served my customers, my company, and me.

Everything else, which I wasn't good at, but still had to do, I had to learn how to leverage the support of others.

As a business owner, your operations have got many tasks to implement. For example, you have marketing, sales, finance, accounting, operations, customer service, working with the customer, creating the product/service item(s), and on and on.

If you're starting as a one-woman show, I often highly recommend what is something outside your business you can delegate to others?

If you've been running your company for a while and have a team, what can you start to delegate out to others?

As soon as you can bring in support to help you either outside or inside your business, you will feel good enough to achieve success.

I know for me as soon as I did this, it helped me increase the sales in my businesses tenfold.

Learning how to be perfect in your business leads to you getting very good at being mediocre in doing many things. All this does is increase the thinking of 'not being good enough.'

The trick is to learn what you can delegate to others as soon as possible, so you can give yourself more time for doing or learning more on your particular craft.

So if the next time you are feeling or thinking you're 'not good enough' as a women business owner?

Take a look at what you're doing. It might be time to delegate some of your long to-do list items to someone else. To give you more time back focus the work you love.

If you are struggling with trying to be perfect running your business and not sure how to begin to delegate?

Schedule an Empowerment Call with me today.

We can discuss one thing you can do today, to begin to believe you're more than enough to do this. The world needs your business being successfully Beautiful. Let's chat today to make sure it is.



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