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One Trick For Battling Procrastination

ceo lady boss procrastination May 07, 2019


Ever have one of those days where no matter what you do you don't want to get something done. Especially when it is something for your business you are nervous about doing?


Well, join the ranks. Procrastination is something which plagues us all, especially when something we are to do scares us.


As a business owner, this has been something I have been working on for over a decade. Especially on the days I work from home I can allow procrastination to morph in another form such as..." oh look the refrigerator needs cleaning, I should clean this first before I work on my book." Sure it should get done, but getting the book published is more of a priority.


If you find you are putting off on doing something important for your business, here is a quick guide to helping you get back on course focused on what will help you build up your biz.


1) Remove The Temptations

Something I learned when I was doing my fitness competition when I had to eat a stringent diet. Remove all the bad food from home. This same process can work wonders for your productivity. Remove anything that will distract you from getting the task you need to do even if that means removing yourself from the location that is distracting you. I know for me when I get squirrelly and see cleaning the bathroom as a better option than working in my business (and this is saying a lot as I loathe cleaning the bathroom). It's a sign for me to remove myself from the house. I pack up my laptop and head over to my local coffee shop to get my tasks done.


2) Set A Timer

Set a timer for how long you will get it done. Keep this pretty simple and set it for a short burst of time like 20 to 30 minutes you work on this task until the time is up.

3) Give Yourself a Reward

Rewarding yourself for a job completed is always a nice incentive to help motivate you past procrastination. Think of something you would like to do or have after you have done your task. For example, you get to binge watch your favorite episode of Game of Thrones once done.


Next time you find yourself procrastinating not getting your biz task done, try out the above easy guide to help you get going today.



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