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How to Self-Motivate in Five Easy Steps

#girlboss finding focus self empowerment women empowerment Jan 01, 2021
Girl Boss Motivation & Empowerment

 Do you sometimes find yourself the Queen of Procrastination?

I have a feeling we all answered yes to that question! Even if some of us tend to procrastinate more than others, there’s always a “putting off to tomorrow what I could do today” element in all of us.

Many days, I wake up joyous to begin work and get the day going, doing work I love! Other days, it takes a bit more mental gymnastics just to get out of bed and get that first cup of coffee! The reason for this is simple: our levels of stress -- the demands from home and work -- fluctuate daily.

Some days we can conquer the world! We catch up on laundry, work, cook, make the best fruit pie, AND manage to give great advice to our kids all the while making the most witty banter with our significant other. It’s as if nothing can go wrong and we’ve literally become superwoman.

Other days, we seriously contemplate quitting work the moment the alarm rings, eat chocolate cake for lunch (and dinner,) and ponder if a glass of wine at 1:00pm is too early. We don’t want to do a thing on our to-do list, and quite frankly, would rather place the list in a much better place: the trash.

When the day seems long (and it’s only just begun) I’ve got a few mental tricks up my sleeve to keep me motivated all day (for as many days in a row as I need it) and I want to share them with you!


Define the Goal: 

This is where people get tripped up. What is your goal? What is the main thing you have to do that needs extra motivation? If you’re trying to find motivation to accomplish lots of goals, maybe you should scale it back and focus on one or two at a time. Pick out the two top goals you want to achieve for the month (or six months out), and prioritize them for the year. Less is more when it comes to focusing on getting things done!


Keep it Simple: 

Break it down! Seriously, break down what you have to do in order to do it. When the huge project you HAVE to do is too much, break the project into smaller commitments. Make a list of the small things, and get those done one by one. Check them off as you go, and before you know it, those small things have added up to the completion of your project. The motivation was there, but it came out when it didn't look so overwhelming.


Don’t Think Negatively

We are our own worst enemy. Obviously, negative thinking is easy to do. When we are overwhelmed, and the details behind achieving our goals are delayed, suddenly, we’re downhearted and ready to give up! Stop right there. We all will have setbacks. That’s life! Instead, think of each setback as a way as a challenge to find a new way to overcome it. You become what you think. So your goal too will become what you think. Think positively, find new ways to achieve the next step, and then say you will ...and WATCH it happen.


Think About Your Goal Constantly:

Do you eat, drink, think, sleep, your goal? Another great way to motivate yourself into making your goal a reality is to be obsessed with it. This is what scientists, inventors, and artists do. They are so obsessed with their project or goal that it’s all they think about. If there’s setbacks or advances on it, it’s all the same because they’re enamored with the project. Make your goal your passion in life, and you will find the motivation to make it happen.


Help Others

I think this is a trait that highly successful people inhabit. When it comes to success for themselves, they help others. Getting the focus off their goal (even if you obsess about it, which you should!) and onto someone else’s needs is empowering. It takes the focus off of you, puts it on someone else and reminds you how great you have things. It kind of refreshes your thinking when you come back to your goals, after working on someone else’s needs.


There’s no magical mix of things to do to always feel motivated. Life is hard and busy and there’s so many aspects to it that can alter our frame-of-mind. But, by using these methods -- ones that I use regularly -- it helps me to refocus my thought process when I’m having an “off” day. 

By defining my goals, keeping it simple, not thinking negatively, always thinking about my goals, and helping others when I’m in a tough spot, my motivation returns! I’m as good as new again and back to feeling strong. Use these tips and watch your life transform into something you want and EMPOWER you into the superwoman you are!




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