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Stopping Self-Sacrifice

What do you think you have to sacrifice today to grow your business?

If you are thinking of getting a business off the ground or growing it to a new level, you might be thinking. You're going to have to sacrifice something. You think you have to sacrifice time, money, security, or sanity. The list goes on and on.

I see this a lot with my women clients that I coach privately. They are looking to finally leave a job that they've been working at for so long to start something that she is super excited to do instead. To create her own business where she makes an impact while making income all the same time.

Yet, part of her hesitation in starting it is she thinks she's going to have to sacrifice big things in her life to make it happen.

So many people out there say sacrifice is the badge of honor to get anything done. I, on the other hand, disagree.

Well, here's the thing sacrificing is never good, and I see us women do it too much in life. To live in your power, it's time to end the sacrifice and begin empowering trade-offs instead.

If you've been living a life full of struggle and scarcity for a while, you've sacrificed enough.

It's time to stop thinking about sacrificing, and break that old Mantra you have to sacrifice to live.

Being a girl boss, where you get to have freedom, security, respect, and make an income doing something you enjoy. Requires the ability to see opportunities where others may not see them. When you come from a mantra of sacrifice, you are saying to yourself. You have to lose to something or someone, which is not a positive thing for your day-to-day life. Thinking this way makes it hard to see hidden opportunities.

To be a successful entrepreneur means having a mindset that looks for wins in all situations. The opportunities are found in trade-offs because to make a trade-off you're making an even exchange between two things, verses losing something for another. When you think this way, you are always finding winning opportunities for yourself. 


A trade-off is a comprise, which is more empowering because it's something you are winning. Maybe it's something you are not getting right away or something you have to pause doing, but you still are a winner in the end. For example, you could compromise by spending less time scrolling your social media feed to spend time instead telling your friends about your new business.

So as a girl boss begin to use trade-off as a way to help motivate you to inspire you and to help you Empower yourself as you move forward in either getting that business off the ground or growing it to a new level.

It's time to stop sacrificing.

Stop using the word sacrifice as your Mantra and start to consider making trade-off as a new mantra because this is a win-win for you.

What're the trade-offs you can find this week?

Self-empower your entrepreneurial journey to stay focused and motivated by looking for win-win trade-offs to achieve today.





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