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A Simple Trick to Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

As a Female CEO of your business do you at times feel like a fake?

Afraid someone will call you out, and unmask you at any moment?

Well, you might be dealing with what psychologist have coined Impostor Syndrome. Imposter Syndrome referenced by Wikipedia is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubt their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud."

When a lot is on the line feeling like an imposter can hit anyone, no one is immune to this.  As women, however, we tend to be affected the most by this syndrome.  

I suffered for years with imposter syndrome. I felt like an imposter especially because I thought I no one took me seriously. Especially when I would tell people I was a female entrepreneur when I was in my early days of owning my own business.

Which it didn't help with all the naysayers who though meant well, would criticize me for "not keeping a good steady job, to do this risky entrepreneur thing." Can snowball into increased self-doubt, feeling small, and I would come up with all sorts of excuses galore to downgrade my business. But what I was unknowing doing was I didn't take myself seriously even though I had the life resume to back it up.

What helped me with this was doing some inner work on realizing, I wasn't an imposter at all.  I have every right to be a Female CEO of a business I created because I had the expertise to back it up. 

If you are struggling with imposter syndrome here is one technique I have used with my clients to fight off this imposter syndrome successfully.

Create Your Business Life Resume

  • Imagine if you were going for a job interview for your business and you needed to create a resume to be submitted.
  • Go through all of your life experiences, work, education, associations, etc. and list them all out to see how they relate to the role you are applying.
  • Write this all out like you would a resume, especially how all this applies to your business.
  • Once done, I recommend printing this out and putting it someplace you see it often to remind yourself of all you have written down.

The technique allows you to see how your background, expertise, and experiences demonstrate you are an expert in what you are pursuing.  It allows you to look at what you are great at and build your confidence when tackling things out of your comfort zone. 


Try this technique today, the next time you feel you need some help to beat down the feeling of being an imposter in your business today. It's you time to Feel Empowered Everyday!!!



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