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What If I Fail?

Being an entrepreneur, one of the things I had to learn was to rethink what failure means.

To me, I had to change failure from something that made me feel horrible into something that empowered me instead.

When we go and try something new, we won't get it right when we first start, like you learning to ride a bike and falling the first couple times when you're just starting. Sure, by definition, you failed to ride the bike and stay up peddling quickly from one destination to another the first time you try. Yet, each fall you do is a learning experience to know what actions to help you stay balanced on your bike.

The challenge for most of us women is when we believe failure is a horrible thing to experience. We think we have to ride a bike like a pro, even when we have never placed one foot on the pedal. This false sense of pro thinking then gets us to believe if we fail, then we were never meant to ride a bike, and we end up ditching the effort to get back on the bike seat and try again.

If you desire to live a life where you are having fun, feeling empowered, and doing things for the joy, learning to shift your perspective on failure is a must.


Failing at something is you experimenting, trying a new method to help you learn and succeed.


As a female entrepreneur, to stay empowered as you grow your business, think of failure in terms of practice sessions when you start something new.

If you're struggling with this new thought process, use the following exercises to help you begin to rethink how you define failure.

Step #1: What did you recently screw-up?

Get out your journal and write down anything you did recently that you believed you screwed up. Start with something small. List as many of them as you can in your journal.

For example: Didn't get up early in the morning to workout, Didn't catch the bus & was late for work again, spilled coffee on your shirt, missed a meeting, etc.


Step #2: What Did You learn from this screw-up?

Now that you have listed out the small things you screwed up recently look at your list and imagine you didn't do these things, but a loving friend did. What lesson would you tell your friend they could learn from each listed situation? Write out next to each item that you would tell your friend.

Using the example of your friend not getting up in time to do an early am workout. 'Your friend’ learned that not going to bed early enough ends up not getting enough sleep to get up early, thus getting to bed earlier. Or 'your friend' learned that might need to get a workout buddy who would be accountable to help get out of bed early. Or maybe 'your friend' learned that could do a workout after work instead because doing it this time would be better as it could be a great way to let off steam from a stressful workday.


Step #3: Implement what you learned.

After you have written what you learned from each situation, use the lesson next time. Take any of the advice you gave 'your friend' for each situation and use it as your own.  You now have an empowering action to use to help you try this little action again.

It is ok to fail Girl Boss because failure is your learning. Use the exercise above each time you are struggling with screwing up on something. There's a lesson in it all that will empower you quickly towards the success you seek today.



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