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So What's Stopping You Now?

With most of us stuck at home sheltering in place from the coronavirus. You more likely have some time to go over all those business ideas that'd been in your head.

You know the ones you keep thinking you might try for finally getting that Girl Boss business off the ground. Or if you're already running your #girlbosshustle, you've already have several ideas you've been considering to purse for taking your biz to a whole new level.

Well, right now, you're in luck. Cuz, this is one of the best times in your life to take advantage of trying out any of these business ideas.

With so many people at home looking for something to do, you'll be very likely to find several individuals who would be happy to help you vet out those ideas. Which is a win-win for everyone because they will have something fun to work on, and you will get immediate results on which one of your many ideas will work best for your biz growth.

So have you started to try any of your ideas yet?

If you have, congratulations, you're now successfully on the path to making your future dreams real.

If you haven't, then what's stopping you from getting started with trying just one of your ideas today?

I get it. It can feel weird to try something new. Especially when you fear if you try this idea, you'll be rejected, and that will feel horrible.  However, what is really happening when these thoughts arise is you're letting the fear be bigger than the reason why you'd decided to become a Girl Boss in the first place.

So if this is stopping you from trying out even one idea, an easy way to help remove these kinds of thoughts is to:

Start To Remember The Reason Why Being A Girl Boss Is Important To You.

Yes, the money and freedom are often a given, but there's more than that.  Take out a piece of paper and write down in detail the following answers to these self-empowering questions: 

  • What will the money and freedom give you?
  • What positive impact do you intend to have in the world with the services or products you provide? 
  • How will being a BadA** successful Girl Boss improve your current life? 
  • What future will your business give you?  
  • How do you feel when you tell others you're a Girl Boss?

Take your time to answer these questions today. Once you've got all your answers down, take that piece of paper and post it somewhere you will see it every day as a daily reminder of your why.  

Try this today to give yourself a very powerful tool for helping get past any fears that might be stopping you from moving your business forward.

Remember here and now is the best opportunity to try out any of  your new business ideas. So if you feel at a standstill, use this self-empowering tool to help you get moving forward on your entrepreneurial journey of living a happy, abundant life.



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