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Hosted by Livia Jenvey, Girl Boss Business Coach who's spent over 20+ years helping corporations, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate professionals make more money.

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New Year, New You!

Successfully achieve your new year’s resolution goals like a RockStar!


During the 5-day challenge, we will meet Live Monday, Jan 11th - Friday, Jan 15th at 2 pm PST. To work together to help you quickly develop game plans to achieve your goals for this new year successfully.

Looking to start a business, grow your current one, take it to a whole new level, or get more time and sanity back in your life. This 5-day live challenge will teach you the techniques to make your Girl Boss dreams real!

Here's what we'll be covering in the 5-Day Challenge:

  • Day 1 - Clarifying Your New Year New You Goals

  • Day 2 - Diving into Amplifying Your Focus for achieving your goals

  • Day 3 - Simple Strategies to help make your success easily achievable

  • Day 4 - Empowering techniques for handing when roadblocks appear

  • Day 5 - Solidifying the right steps to take to make this year better than ever before

This 5-Challenge is about giving you practical strategies to:

  • Easily remove roadblocks that can get in the way of you achieving your goals successfully.
  • Breakaway from fear, doubt, frustration, and discouragement.
  • Understand immediately the right steps to follow to keep you on track and achieve your goals quickly.

And much more...

It’s a New Year. So if you're ready to Empower the New You?

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Join me Live during the 5-Day challenge to EMPOWER YOU in making your Girl Boss goals quickly and with ease for the new year and beyond!

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About the host

Livia Jenvey is a Business Coach, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author. Livia comes from 20+ years in the business world, working in both the entrepreneur and corporate arenas.  Her corporate consulting experience includes working for various large US national and international multi-billion dollar corporations and privately-owned companies, helping each increase organizational growth and profits.  And coaching entrepreneurs who have created million-dollar businesses.

Her company, Empowered StarBoss™ LLC specializes in helping women entrepreneurs profit from their dreams by figuring out the right structure and support they need.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a Masters in Business.

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