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A Little About


My name is Livia Jenvey. 

I'm a Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author, and founder of Empowered StarBoss™ LLC. 

I have a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Masters in Business and started working in the business world over 20+ years for large US national and international multi-billion dollar corporations and privately-owned companies, helping each increase organizational growth and profits.

For over the last decade, I have been consulting and coaching entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate professionals in how to empower their lives and businesses.

I created Empowered StarBoss™ LLC to help Empower Women In Business, on how she can develop the structure, style, and strategy she needs to start or grow her Girl Boss business.

I know first hand how challenging it can be to get a business off the ground and grow it to a new level. And I don't want to see any women go through experiences like I did when I first started, where I worked myself to over-exhaustion—was rushed to the emergency room due to stress-related collapse.

I'm passionate about seeing more creative women, empowered as business owners who feel confident as she creates or grows her business. So she can abundantly thrive in the unique work she does as Girl Boss.  

The mission of Empowered StarBoss™ is to support creative women entrepreneurs like yourself, on how to uncover the right actions you need to develop a plan for getting your business off the ground or to that next level.

So you can finally create freedom from difficulty, anxiety, scarcity, and struggle in your life. To confidently live the life of abundance, you've been dreaming of living.

It's all about helping you finally get the clarity and focus to:

  • Securely and comfortably gain quicker results 
  • Effortlessly achieve increased growth or expansion
  • Reliably receive ongoing profits in her business

For growing that high-earning, long-lasting, enjoyable business of your dreams with ease!  

If you're looking to gain focus and clarity to starting or growing your business, schedule a quick Empowerment Call with me. I'm here to help support you in achieving your business goals today!!

The world is waiting for your Empowered #GirlBoss Biz to Shine, like the Strong, Unique, Brilliant Boss Lady Leader you are, aka. an Empowered StarBoss™ . ⭐

It's Your Time Beautiful, so let's begin in getting you there today! 💋💖


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