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Why I'm Empowering Women In Business


Well, let me first ask, is this happening to you?  


Here you are, sitting in your chair, staring into your computer screen again. Probably thinking to yourself - 'Why is this still happening to me?'


A while back, you leaped and decided to start your own business. Because you knew you were ready to focus all your creative energy into making a living doing work, you're excited & passionate about.


You've been dreaming of propelling your business forward from being a solo women-owned entrepreneur. Into a bigger company, where you no longer work isolated and alone but have a great team to work with, while you continue to do the work you love. 


You would like to reach this goal soon, like within the next year, but you're struggling.


Well, you've been struggling for a while, and it's stressing you out.


It's not like you haven't tried to figure it out. 


You've tried everything you can think of, but you don't know how to break the overwhelm and confusion on what to do next.


You're exhausted from all those mental and financial obstacles you seem to keep experiencing, which are stopping you from moving forward. 


You feel lost, confused, and unclear on what exact steps to take next. 


You've got a ton of ideas you want to try. Since you're a creative person by nature, coming up with ideas hasn't been the issue. It's trying to figure out which one out all of them would be the best to pursue to make propelling your business forward a success. 


Oh, and not to mention all that new stuff you just took on, cuz you thought it would help.  You tried dropping things to free some of your time to focus on them, but nothing is helping.  And you're starting to really burn out.


The overwhelming pressure is getting to you. Especially when you see your friends and family. You know they mean well, but they just keep saying to you, 'You're working too hard, maybe you should consider dropping this thing your doing and go back to working a steady job.' 


So here you are, living this endless loop where you're all alone, stuck, lost, burnt-out, and confused. 


Unable to come up with any solid strategy to use for growing your solopreneur Girl Boss business.  


You're starting to think that the likelihood of coming close to making your business goal a success might be a pipe dream. 


If this is happening to you, you're not alone.


I, too, was once living like this. And it wasn't until I learned the hard way.  Like going to the emergency room several times due to collapsing from the stress of it all, kind of hard way.


That I finally figured out how to stop the endless loop of struggle, exhaustion, confusion, and overwhelm from the life I was living.   


What I figured out was an easy to develop and implement strategy, which transformed my solopreneur business into a high-earning, enjoyable, long-lasting #girlboss success. 


A business that gives me the luxury to higher and work with a great team, all while earning an income in my sleep, doing the work I love. 


As a creative woman running a business, your creativity is what makes you unique, but it can also quickly run you out of business quick.


This is why having an easy to follow and implement strategy is the key to managing all those Ideas. Because when you have this kind of unique business strategy plan to use when running a business. 


You Amplify Your Power to choose the right ideas to propel your business forward successfully.  


Without it, you instead propel your business and life into a state of struggle, overwhelm, stress, confusion, and exhaustion.  


So do you have a simple to follow and implement strategic plan to put all these ideas in check, so they work for you? 


Cuz, if you don't, then I can say from honest personal hard-earned experience. Your ability to try to take your current solo biz and grow it into a bigger business with that great team you wana work with is going to be very, very difficult. 


This is why I figured out how to develop this easy to implement method for growing my women-owned business.  A method that creates an easy to follow plan for having crystal clear guidance on what exact unique steps to take each day for growing the company you desire running. 



Not only did this method work for me when I first started implementing it. This same easy to follow plan worked for the many clients I've taught it to, who were also facing the same challenges, in trying to grow their solo women-owned businesses.


Each of the women entrepreneurs who implement this in their lives found it immediately gave them the clarity, guidance, and confidence they needed to grow their long-lasting, enjoyable, and high-earning women-owned business with ease.


To know the exact steps to take to propel your business forward. From what ideas to choose, postpone, or not move forward on, cuz it wouldn't be worth pursuing.  


Is seriously a GAME CHANGER for EMPOWERING YOUR BUSINESS & LIFE when you have at your fingertips each day a Realistic Plan for quickly scaling your business to any level you want. 


Are you ready to take back control and EMPOWER YOUR BUSINESS Today? 

Schedule An Empowerment Call With Me Today!


In our call, I can help you determine one thing you can do today, to immediately remove the overwhelm. 


Honestly, you don't have to schedule the call.  


But, it’s up to you if you want to continue to think, and think, and think some more to try to get clear on what to do next.  While you stay stuck and still no closer to knowing what steps to take for scaling up your #girlboss business. 


Are you sure you want to continue to wait?


And continue to be confused, lost, and unclear on how to propel your business forward. 


Schedule Your Empowerment Call Now To stop this endless loop of overwhelm. 


Cuz, if you've read this far, I know you’re ready to get on with your life. Let's start you today learning the exact method for implementing a simple to follow plan for Empowering your life.


Let's finally end the struggle & make this #girlboss business of yours into that high-earning, enjoyable, long-lasting success you've been dreaming of running. 

It’s Your Time Now To Empower The Business & Life You've Been Dreaming Of! 

Schedule Your Empowerment Call Today!


 A little about who I am and the Mission of 

My name is Livia Jenvey. 

I'm a Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author, and the founder of Empowered StarBoss™ LLC. 

I come from a background of 20+ years in the business world, working in both the entrepreneur and corporate arenas. My corporate consulting experience includes working for various large US national and international multi-billion dollar corporations and privately-owned companies, helping each increase organizational growth and profits. 

I have spent the last decade coaching entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate professionals in empowering their lives to earn more money. I have helped a number of my entrepreneur clients create million-dollar businesses. 

I also hold a Bachelors degree in psychology and a Masters in Business.

I created Empowered StarBoss™ LLC to help Empower Women In Business. 

Empowered StarBoss™ LLC's mission is to empower women entrepreneurs with the business knowledge and skills for gaining quicker results now for achieving increased growth, expansion, and profits in her business.

The company empowers women entrepreneurs on how she can develop the structure, style, strategy, and clarity she needs to scale her business at any level she wants.

Providing women the ability to get things done quickly for growing her high-earning, long-lasting, enjoyable business today!   

I believe wholeheartedly when women are empowered as business owners, communities abundantly thrive.  

The world is waiting for your Empowered #GirlBoss Biz to Shine, like the Strong, Unique, Brilliant Boss Lady Leader you are, aka. an Empowered StarBoss™  
It's Your Time Beautiful...Because I Believe You Can Do It and I'm here to help support you in achieving your business goals today!!💋💖

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