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Empowering Women In Business

Providing Female Entrepreneurs clear-cut methods to accelerate growth and amplify success for her business. 

Hi, I'm Livia

Founder of Empowered StarBoss

This is my Story


When I started my first business over a decade ago in the health & wellness space, I thought I could quickly get things going with my business background. I found out the hard way that running your own business is extremely challenging.

I was filled with a ton of fear and self-doubt. My thoughts continuously questioned my abilities to succeed as a businesswoman.

These thoughts of fear and self-doubt made me an extremely busy woman that always had way too much on my plate to manage.

Can you relate?

Unfortunately, these thoughts of fear and self-doubt I had made me work to the point of madness, leaving me one day rushed to the emergency room after collapsing. And I don't want to see you end up like this.

I had to learn how to create the right structure & support I needed to run successful businesses. One that allowed me to thrive as a businesswoman.

I started Empowered StarBoss because I found an absence of coaching that incorporates the unique female perspective in the realm of growing woman-owned businesses. 

Empowered StarBoss aims to bridge this gap by offering coaching specifically designed for women entrepreneurs, acknowledging and supporting the challenges they face while balancing multiple roles. Also my business is not only about coaching but about championing a movement that strives to revolutionize the entrepreneurial landscape for women. 

I'm on a mission is to be in service to empower billions of thriving female entrepreneurs. And dedicated in ensuring that female entrepreneurs receive coaching and support that caters to their distinct experiences. 

Get your business to the next level with Livia

If your a female entrepreneur ready to get your business to the next level. Make more money. Potentially create a large profitable company. Or you want to be more efficient, have work/life balance, and have more flexibility in your schedule as you grow your woman-owned business.

My business coaching is here for you to provide you this. I specialize in empowering female entrepreneurs with the right plan and practical action steps she can take now to achieve her dreams.

I've been in your shoes. Working like a dog. I understand, that despite your best efforts, financial freedom seems to slip through your fingers. Forcing you to take on work you don't enjoy just to ensure a consistent income.

I get what you're going through and that you're feeling: 

  • Overwhelmed
  • Not supported by friends and family to grow business bigger
  • Overworked by constant multi-tasking
  • Always ‚Äúbusy‚ÄĚ
  • Unclear what steps to take next to move¬†your business forward
  • Have too many ideas and unfocused on how to start
  • Doesn‚Äôt make enough income from¬†your business alone to support yourself and/or¬†your family
  • Doesn‚Äôt make enough income from¬†your business to support the lifestyle¬†you desires to experience.

I know you're determined because this business is important to you. You have a gut feeling you're here to pursue the business goals you've set. You're committed to running a business based on your values of leaving a positive impact on the world.

The clarity, confidence, and direction you seek to make your business goals real are closer than you think. And I am here to help you gain these quickly and effortlessly to make your business dream real. 

My mission is to support, guide, and provide you the knowledge for making ongoing profitable money doing work you love. 

I work with female entrepreneurs from their late 20s, early 30s through 50s. Who struggles trying to make consistent income in her business doing work she loves. And is full of fear, self-doubt, lost and overwhelmed. With all the work she’s doing that is getting her business nowhere to increase her business income.

And would like a better way, the right plan. To help her know exactly what to do next to achieve the financial freedom she wants.

What is unique about what I do, is I provide a unique approach to business coaching. By offering guidance from a female perspective that prioritizes a soulful, work-life balanced, and practical methodology.

This approach is specifically tailored to support women managing multiple responsibilities and aims to facilitate their business growth through personalized strategies. The distinctiveness lies in the fusion of:

  1. Female Perspective: Understanding the specific challenges, aspirations, and nuances that women face in the business world. This perspective allows for tailored guidance that resonates with the experiences of female entrepreneurs.
  2. Soulful Approach: Integrating a more holistic and empathetic perspective into coaching, recognizing the emotional and personal aspects of business growth. This might include mindfulness, energy practices, self-care, and understanding the emotional landscape of entrepreneurship.
  3. Work/Life Balance: Recognizing the importance of maintaining a harmonious equilibrium between personal life and professional endeavors. Coaching strategies focus on achieving success without compromising one's well-being or personal life commitments.
  4. Practical Actions: Offering actionable, straightforward steps that are easy to integrate into a busy schedule. These actions are designed to deliver tangible and achievable results, acknowledging the limited time and numerous responsibilities that many women in business face.
  5. Catering to Multitasking Women: Addressing the unique needs of women who juggle multiple roles and responsibilities by providing strategies that fit within their busy schedules and acknowledging the complexity of their lives.

I uniquely tailor my coaching methodologies to not only address the professional aspirations of female entrepreneurs but also to nurture their personal growth and well-being. My coaching stands out by recognizing and addressing the multifaceted nature of women's lives and empowers them to grow their businesses while maintaining a sense of balance and fulfillment.

How much would you pay for that?  


Business Coaching For Empowering Women in Entrepreneurship: 

Strategic Growth Blueprint: The Right Plan for Female Entrepreneurs

Learn the art of developing the right plan for business growth and financial freedom. Tailored support for female entrepreneurs, guiding you to know exactly what steps to take next.

Practical Steps for Female Entrepreneurs' Success

Discover how to prioritize ideas and take practical action steps to drive your business forward. Gain focus with actionable strategies that have a high success record for female entrepreneurs.

Financial Freedom Techniques for Women in Business

Explore business empowerment strategies designed for female entrepreneurs, enabling financial freedom through client attraction, service streamlining, effective pricing models, and investor funding for profitable ventures aligned with your passions.

Inner Guide Success Tools for Female Entrepreneurs

Discover inner guide tools to overcome obstacles and harness your inner power for amplified business success. Learn to run your company confidently, embracing the traits of an empowered startup boss as a female entrepreneur.

The Resources You Need To Build A Successful Business

I know you have long list of things she would like to achieve. My business coaching serves to guide you quickly with empowering techniques to remove any wall, obstacles, or challenge.  

Here and now is your time to step into who you truly are to confidently create the business you’ve imagined. 

To learn more about my business coaching services. Check out my Services page.

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