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Livia Jenvey

Hi, I'm Livia

Founder of Empowered StarBoss


This is my Story


When I started my first business over a decade ago in the health & wellness space, I thought I could quickly get things going with my business background. I found out the hard way that running your own business is extremely challenging.

I was filled with a ton of fear and self-doubt. My thoughts continuously questioned my abilities to succeed as a businesswoman.

These thoughts of fear and self-doubt made me an extremely busy woman that always had way too much on my plate to manage.

Can you relate?

Unfortunately, these thoughts of fear and self-doubt I had made me work to the point of madness, leaving me one day rushed to the emergency room after collapsing. And I don't want to see you end up like this.

I had to learn how to create the right structure & support I needed to run successful businesses. One that allowed me to thrive as a businesswoman.

My mission here is to help women on their entrepreneurial journey remove the fear and self-doubt that stops them from achieving their business dreams.

I want to see communities filled with large numbers of thriving businesswomen who confidently, without a doubt, run lucrative businesses.

I aim to support women go from a struggling business woman to thriving Empowered BOSS Lady, who shines like a bright star in all she does!

Reach your full business potential with Livia

I specialize in empowering Women Entrepreneurs with support in:

Business Plans

Learn how to develop the right business plans to run your business successfully.

Pricing Strategies

Understand how to confidently price your products or services, to achieve continuous ongoing profits.  

Pitch Decks

Learn actionable skills for creating and presenting pitch decks that get you business funding with success.

Business Growth Strategies

Learn how to develop the right structure and strategies for achieving continuous success in managing your business. 

Action Plans

Understand how to create business actions plans for knowing exactly what to do next to grow your business, to that next level you desire to achieve.

Product Growth Strategies

Learn how to develop effective product growth techniques and strategies for achieving both short-term and long-term profitable success in your products/services

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