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The #1 Reason People Give Up

business growth confidence building women empowerment work & life balance Jul 01, 2021
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Do you feel sometimes that giving up might just be the easiest thing to do?

From relationships to work, business start-ups, and goals, this is a very common result after wanting something to succeed so badly.

But why?

Being a coach and looking at businesses from the inside out, I’ve come to a conclusion for why people give up so easily in reaching for their dreams:


They don't believe they can do it


Does this sound like the case for you in some area of your life? Let’s dive into a few reasons how you can change this mindset.


  • What Are You Telling Yourself?

What you say affects your results in all areas. What you say becomes a reality! In order to get out of the negative mindset, and focus on success even if you don’t feel confident, it’s important to say out loud what you want to see happen. Start with simple phrases like, “I can do this” or “This will turn out good for me” or “I will succeed.” When you tell yourself you can succeed, you can. If you think you can, you will!


  • Who’s In Your Sphere Of Influence?  

Sometimes, we just need to get around people who understand what we want and where we’re going. If you have folks around you who are naysayers or aren’t really supportive of your dreams, it might be time to find people who do believe in your goals. When you have supportive voices keeping you motivated and lifting your spirits -- especially if you’re going through tough times or not feeling motivated or confident -- this makes all the difference in the world. Find your people and stay close to them!


  • What Are You Focusing On? 

There are moments when what you want is the right thing, but going about it was wrong. Perhaps your ideas are exactly the right thing but executing the steps to get to your goal needs some help. This is why you have people who support you to help direct and guide you. But, you also need to check your strategy. IF you need help with implementing goals, find people who do this for a living and hire them. Each of us can’t know everything! Success comes when you let the professionals do their part, and we do our part. It’s the combining of their talents and yours that will create the best success.


  • Hire a coach 

As I mentioned above, changing your language and people and your strategy can help you succeed. These three things will boost your confidence. But you can also get all three of these in one by hiring a business coach. I’ve spent over 20+ years helping corporations, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate professionals make more money and succeed with their dream business! Coaches can see the big picture, take your dreams and goals into the equations, zero in on what needs work, create a cohesive plan to empower you and create the business of your dreams.


This is just a sample of ideas and concepts I use to help invigorate my clients.

Understanding that everyone feels this way is normal! But choosing not to give in to fear of failure is key as well as implementing the above ideas.

If you need help in assessing your current business situation, reach out to me. This is why I do what I do. I’m here to specify what you want, help to implement ways to accomplish this, and make you believe you can do it!

With the right empowering tools in your tool kit, you don’t have to give up your dream. Visit my website for more information. The more you know about yourself, the more you can stay on task in creating the business and life you want for yourself.


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