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2 Ways To Know The Universe Has Your Back

ceo lady boss women empowerment Feb 19, 2019

Does it feel like somedays, you do all this work and the universe doesn't man-up and give you a leg up in return?

If you can relate, I am with you.

I once thought this way. I had believed all the slaving away, and hard work I was doing for my business was not getting sufficient respect from the universe.

I felt like the universe didn't have my back and no matter how much work I did it was not enough. Oh, and I worked all out. I took tons of courses, did training, worked with numerous mentors & coaches. I even devoted myself to a fully immersed holy living drinking from the firehouse as I sold the majority of what I owned & moved into an urban ashram to wholeheartedly spend myself to spiritual philosophies & teachings for over a year.

Though all of this, I still believed I couldn't get a break until I finally broke down what I was thinking. What I discovered was the truth, which is our thoughts are what we believe equals what we will receive.


Thus if you believe your business is a struggle, this is what you will receive. Mind you I am not implying here being a business owner is a walk in part, however, it can be in turn much more enjoyable then you may be thinking.

To help change things shift things for you to begin to switch to a new path of less stressful business life, here are a couple of things you can work on to help.


If you believe you are the CEO of your company, it is because your business is impressive. Why? Because you are amazing. Look back at your life and all you have achieved thus far. The fact alone you decided to become an entrepreneur and create a business in the first place is impressive in its self. It takes courage to go against the status quo and be a female entrepreneur.

Take time to review all the great things you are a CEO not only in your business but in your life.



Once you have done some long overdue kudos for yourself, it is not time to believe the universe is on your side. Think of how all your life experiences have led you to create your business in the first place.

Didn't the universe have some play in this? It did!!! Which is why it is time to believe it will open the doors to help you get to the next step you desire in your business now.


Take some time today, to work on these two things. These will help you shift your beliefs in the positive for your business success. Because, as thoughts do become things you may not like what the universe will give you if you stay with the same old mindset.



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