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How To Trust The Voice Within

#girlboss confidence building women empowerment Sep 10, 2019

One of my favorite songs I love to listen to when I feel off and in a funk over something is Cristina Aguilar's - Trust the Voice Within.

The lyrics alone are so empowering. Especially the part that goes:

When there's no one else, look inside yourself
Like your oldest friend, just trust the voice within
Then you'll find the strength that will guide your way

Each time I get to this part of the song, my heart flutters and that voice I have within reminds me = Girl You Got This!!

How often do you listen to your voice within? You know that voice which nudges you oh so subtly to leave that annoying job to become an entrepreneur.

I know for me, there was a time I ignored this inner voice. Which was also the time in my life, I was the most miserable. At that time, I was letting the others voices around me, who were all based on their fear overshadow my internal voice.

At the time, I didn't get my inner wisdom, was my internal guardian angel, who was there to take care of me. A voice which was trying to guide me towards a life full of fun, excitement, and happiness.

It wasn't until I hit some hard walls, and had some bad personal crash and burns that I finally learned to stop ignoring my inner voice. When I finally started to listen to the voice within, this is when my life changed into one filled with so much more happiness and abundance.

As a fellow female entrepreneur, I want to ask you a pretty deep question.

Do you truly want to be happy?

I know, yeah, everyone wants to be happy. But, I'm asking you, do you want to be truly happy where you are in control of your life, you call the shots, you feel empowered every day, and you have the freedom to live the life of your choosing.

Do you want to experience this kind of happiness?

Not the I am happy trying to struggle and get by where I am at kind of life you might be living right now.

Well, if you're seriously ready to be truly happy, free, empowered, and have the future you desire.

Well, Beautiful, it might be time to start to listen to your old friend of a voice within as she might be nudging you in the directions for this to become true for you.

If it's been a while since you and your inner voice had a chat, here is a way to get back into conversation with your inner guide.

Step 1: Schedule Time To Chat

You probably have a lot on your plate, which could be a reason why you haven't been listening to your inner voice. Hence why it is time to schedule some calendar time for your internal gal pal to chat together. Pick a time each day and put it in your calendar. It can be from 5 minutes to an hour. Though if it's been awhile, I recommend scheduling no more than 15 minutes at first. You can then add more time later on.

Step 2: Set the Location

It can be you seated at your desk at work, in your home, or even in your car. Set the location for where you will have your inner guide reconnection time. Make sure you are not distracted, so if you are in your vehicle, make sure you are not driving, but instead your car is parked.

Step 3: Bring Pen & Paper

When you and your inner voice start talking, you will want to take notes, because she has got a lot to tell you. I recommend either getting a journal and pen or even opening up a word doc or notepad on your computer. To be ready to take any notes you'll get from your conversation.

Step 4: Ask To Chat

If you have listened to your inner voice in a while, she's probably decided you won't listen, so you gotta be the one to start the conversation. To have her start to speak with you again, politely ask her. When I do this, I usually like to ask my inner voice, " What do you have to provide me in guidance on today?".

Step 5: Filter Out The Negative

After you have asked for guidance, become silent and allow your inner voice to get rolling. When it first starts, you'll probably notice that there will be some negative judgments showing up. Any judgment you receive is going to be the fear-based voices of others who you had adopted, these will often pop up to try to overshadow your inner voice. Your inner voice doesn't judge, only guides and provides you more positive and forward insights. If you get a bunch of judgment, thank it for its input, and ask again for your inner voice to provide you guidance. It might take a few times, but after much practice, the judgement will get quieter & your inner guide will start to become the louder voice speaking to you.


Remember your inner voice is there for you to move you towards a truly happy, fun, empowering life. Like Christin's song - 'Like your oldest friend, just trust the voice within.'

Use the steps above to reconnect with this old friend to empower your #girlboss entrepreneurial journey today.



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