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The SMART Secret to Achieving Goals

confidence building finding focus latina entrepreneur women empowerment Dec 15, 2022
achieving goals

How to Set SMART Goals and Get Things Done With Ease This New Year

If you're like me, who is ready to say goodbye to 2022 to start 2023 going after some big goals. Setting SMART goals will give you the confidence to make your Boss Lady's dreams come true.  

Using a SMART goal is a simple and easy way to get into action to become your best self in business and life.

What Does ‘Smart Goals’ Stand For?

SMART is an acronym that helps you set defined and attainable goals, whether in your personal life or in the workplace. If you are ready to transform your dreams into a reality, following these SMART guidelines is essential.

‘SMART Goals’ Meaning


As this Asana blog highlights, vague or general goals are often unattainable, no matter how good the ideas are. Instead, get specific with your goals and keep them within reach by watching this video with tips on gaining clarity and focus.


Next, ensure you have a way of assessing your progress toward this goal so you can keep yourself on track. For example, instead of aiming to improve sales next year, plan to boost sales by 25% by the first quarter.


Dreaming big is a good thing once in a while, but if your goals feel too unattainable, you might feel demotivated and give up. Setting goals outside of your project scope is always a bad idea.


In a moment of intense motivation, people sometimes believe they can work harder than they can. If you normally spend an hour in the evening working on a project, don’t make a goal that requires 20 hours a week.


A goal without a timeframe can quickly take a backseat as your other priorities get in the way. Setting time-bound goals means you have to hold yourself accountable and keep checking in on your progress.

SMART Goal Examples For Work

Ready to take your leadership skills to the next level by setting crystal-clear end goals? Creating SMART goals will help to get you there. Watch this video for guidance on how to boost your business confidence.

Start Achieving Goals With Ease

Trying this today can help you achieve your goals quicker than ever.

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