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The Power of Vulnerability

business growth girlboss ladyboss ceo Aug 20, 2019

As a kid, I learned growing up, that being vulnerable was something you didn't show to others.  It was a 'suck it up buttercup' kind of childhood.

If you showed any vulnerability, you were considered weak, and being scared wouldn't get you any sympathy. So being vulnerable was not an option to take at all.

When I got into the corporate world, working in male-dominated industries not showing vulnerability worked in my favor.

Being at times, the only woman in a room full of men, not being vulnerable showed I could make it with the guys. You didn't want to be seen at "that girl," the one crying in public or sharing too much information about her personal life. If you did any of this, it would be something used against you if you desired moving into leadership roles.

If you wanted to get ahead, succeed, and be considered "one of the guys," keeping yourself level head when things got tense was considered a sign of high regard. Since I was already groomed since childhood not to show vulnerability, to keep it all guarded at the chest. I excelled in that environment and was recognized often as a great team member and assigned many leadership roles.

Then when I left the corporate world to become an entrepreneur, not being vulnerable worked well, in the very beginning.

Not being vulnerable allowed me to come off fearless in some business interactions. Allowed me to take leaps or risks others were more nervous about taking. As well, because I was so thick-skinned, I could handle some high-pressure situations scoring me some quick deals.

Yet, when I wanted to transition from being a solopreneur into a business owner who had employees working for me. I soon found that the lack of vulnerability was causing way more harm than good.

Not being vulnerable was starting to cause me not to be able to grow and expand my business and bring in the additional income I desired.

When I started to become vulnerable, this was when the income started to come in abundance. 

For us woman, it is in our nature to be open with others. The energy of the feminine is one of receiving and being able to receive means you gotta be vulnerable.


As a businesswoman, vulnerability is one of several

secret superpowers we have at our disposal.


When you bring in vulnerability into your business, your ability to achieve great success come quite quickly. Which is why learning how to be vulnerable in business is a huge advantage. So if you're not adding it already, it might be time to consider this mindset shift.

Now if you're like how I was, having had spent the majority of a lifetime thinking vulnerability is a dirty word and should never be expressed. You might be asking yourself right now:


How on earth do I even start doing this?


Well, you're in luck. Here are a few tips I learned to help you start your journey to embrace vulnerability for gaining abundance in your business today:


1) Write The Benefits To Letting Your Guard Down

Either in your journal or a notebook on your computer, write out all the benefits you would get if you let your guard down. It could be as simple as being vulnerable will allow you to ask your stellar team for help in acquiring more money into your business. Take your time to think about how your life will be positively affected if you began to become more vulnerable.


2) Watch A Good RomCom

If you've been holding it all in, sometimes a good cry will be great medicine to let it all out. If it feels uncomfortable to cry, especially in front of others, have a fun movie night with friends, while watching a great RomCom like the Star Is Born. This one is for sure to get you shedding the waterworks, and everyone will be there with you.


3) Bring In The BFF

Call your BFF and surprise her by asking for some advice on something small. It's a great way to begin to tackle asking others for help. Ask your BFF something simple to help you with, like "what outfit you think I should wear for RomCom movie night?"


4) Ask For Help On Something Small

Think of the times you muscled it, carrying all the grocery bags to your car, or the time you struggle to get something off that high shelf. Well, these are perfect instances to flex your vulnerability muscles. The next time, you find yourself trying to reach up to grab that box on the top shelf. Ask someone to help you. All it takes is saying, "could you reach up & grab that box for me?"


5) Invest In Outside Support

Investing in hiring a coach or mentor provides you a huge benefit in breaking your old 'suck it up buttercup' mindset. The act alone is a giant step towards becoming more vulnerable. As well with the help of a great coach or mentor, they can support and guide you, especially those times you start taking on bigger and bigger vulnerability challenges. Because if you desire to grow your business, these bigger challenges will be there to test you. When you have a supportive coach and mentor on your side, conquering any challenge will become more of a breeze.

Use these to help you begin to bring in your vulnerability superpower to achieve business success today!




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