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How To Write An Annual Reflection For Female Entrepreneurs

business coaching confidence building latina entrepreneur Dec 01, 2022
How To Write An Annual Reflection For Female Entrepreneurs

 Reflecting On Your Past Year Goals And Achievements

With December coming swiftly to a close, this is the ideal time to pause your to-do list to reflect on your goals and achievements this past year. What you bring to the table is amazing as you become the best version of yourself as a businesswoman. To help empower your confidence in achieving your goals for the upcoming year, take a moment today to reflect, learn and grow from all you've done this past year. 

If you've never written an annual reflection before or are looking for a quick way to do it while still trying to balance a business schedule. Here's a quick and simple way to write one today. 

All it takes is scheduling 30 minutes out of your calendar to disconnect from all your other activities, get out a piece of paper or a word document, and answer the following questions:  


1. What were the top 3 Big things you achieved this past year? 

  • You could write about something personal, for example, when you moved to a new city or in your business, you scored x-amount of funding to grow your company. 

2. What were the top 3 things you wanted to achieve but were unable to this year, and why not? 

  • Consider what you had wanted to achieve this past year but couldn't. Note these down and the details on what prevented you from reaching them. For example, if you wanted to hire several new people in your business, you could only employ a couple because finding the right kind of individuals for the roles you needed support with was a challenge.  

 3. What are you most proud of this year? 

  • You could write something small like you spoke up more in a meeting, or it could be big, like you were able to double your income this year in less time than last. 

4. What lessons from this year would you like to take with you going forward? 

  • Look at all you've done and what lessons you learned along the way that you would like to implement for the following year. For example, you realized you needed to slow down more and take more breaks in your day, so you don't get overwhelmed with decision fatigue. 

5. Out of all the things you did or didn't do this year, what is something you want to do more for next year? 

  • For example, with your social media, you would like to engage more with your followers next year.  


By answering these annual reflection questions, you'll find how quickly your answers will provide valuable insights for empowering your success for the New Year. So block out your calendar today, get yourself a cup of hot cocoa and use this time to empower your confidence as a businesswoman. 

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