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What Are Your Top 10 Bucket List Items?

Do you have something on your bucket list, you've thought of do'in?⠀

You know you've been saying for a while, "that would be cool if I could do that." But you didn't you had any free time before. Well, time right now is plentiful when you're stuck at home, so why not see what you can do.

You know, you're ready to do some of those bucket list items to empower your life. I know for me each time I work on one of mine, it self-empowers my life in such phenomenal ways. ⠀

For example, years ago, I competed in #bikinifitnesscompeting. It was something I had put on my bucket list ages ago. And after I had put it on my list, it would annoyingly nag me, often. You know that nagging inner voice, who randomly mentions - 'yeah, I want to do that' when you see something associated with your bucket list item.

So annoying, right? ⠀

Well, finally, I decided one day. F-that annoying nagging inner voice, I'm going to do this & I hired a fantastic coach, and she got me ready for the competition.

She was a godsend, seriously. She bikini fit coached me through all the ups, the downs, the struggles, the insane grueling workouts....and OMG the disciplined eating. Yeah, this was the rough part. I couldn't have cheese, salami, or wine - and I love me some Swiss cheese & Italian salami with a great glass of red Merlot from France. Mmm...Yummy!!!

But it was all worth it in the end! & honestly, I couldn't have done without this fantastic bikini fit coaching expertise. The experience lifted me emotionally, spiritually, and physically to new empowering levels.

So what's on your list?

Cuz, you know it's something amazing, empowering, and a game-changer for you to experience.

If you've been stuck indoors sheltering in place for a while now, wondering what you could do. Get out that bucket list you have and see what you can do today to self empower your life in new ways.




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