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Your Core Biz Foundation

#girlboss business growth self empowerment work & life balance Aug 11, 2020

When I left a corporate job to become an entrepreneur, I found out that if you don't have a core business foundation in place. Trying to grow your business successfully can be pretty tricky.

It's super easy to take an idea you're passionate about and think you can start running with it to make money. Hey, it's something you think is amazing, so why won't others think it's amazing to pay you tons of money to have it?

Having a great idea that people are excited to pay your for is one thing, but running a business is entirely different. For running a business, multiple roles are required to make the business successful.

The bare-bones functions for a successful business are as follows: Sales, Marketing, Finance/Accounting, and Operations.

When you start your own with your idea, you are in charge of doing all of these roles each day. As you start your business, you often manage all of these roles on your own. However, there will be a point where we have to decide whether you desire to stay working all these roles or bring in others to support you.

When a business grows, it goes through 7 major growth stages, and through these stages, the bare bones roles grow, and the tasks to each one begin to multiply. 

When I work with clients privately to help them create their game plan for starting her Girl Boss business, I advise on what strategies to implement for setting up her core foundation from the start.  Doing this in the beginning allows her to have a plan on how to run her business as it goes through each of the stages. 

When you set up this foundation from the beginning, it gives you the freedom and security to grow your business with ease during each stage of the seven stages of growth.

It is also through this core foundation that helps a woman-owned business be able to maneuver with agility no matter what happens in the outside world.

A core foundation is unique to you and can't be destroyed unless you allow it to be. It's your hidden power for achieving your success.

Consider today defining your core business foundation for your business. It will help you grow that Girl Boss biz idea with ease and success.

If you're struggling to determine where to start, feel free to schedule an empowerment call. In our call, we can determine what you can do today to empower the success of achieving your girl boss dreams today!




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