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Effective Brainstorming

business growth finding focus women empowerment Nov 01, 2021
Girl Boss Focus & Empowerment


When you have a mind full of ideas and don’t know where to start, it’s time to get “effective”. My Brainstorm Mastery class helps you do just that. Let’s dive into how to be effective at brainstorming. It’s vital to perform each step in the process- don’t skip steps! 


Lesson 1: Determine Your Ideas

Get comfortable and in a quiet space without distractions. Pull out the worksheets I provide in this module to help you with this process and your favorite pen. You will literally get your ideas down on paper. Start by documenting all those ideas that have been floating in your head. Just start listing everything down, without hesitation. You can edit later; just let your ideas flow to paper. Then make a list of pros and cons. This will help you sleep at night instead of those niggling thoughts popping up in your head and keeping you awake. 


Lesson 2: Determine the Value

Now it’s time to build on all the ideas you wrote down from the first exercise. These lessons build upon each other so be sure to complete the first one before moving forward! Here, you want to determine the potential value you could receive from each of your creative ideas.  

Potential Value - Cost= Total Value

Value is determined on many different factors so hone in on what’s important to you and your business. The ideas from the first step have value, which you’ll determine in the worksheet. However, they each come at a cost. That’s right, nothing of value comes without a cost. The perceived value minus the cost will give you your potential value. 


Lesson 3: Resources

Who’s responsible and what is the needed time to get it done? You’re a Girl Boss or on your way, so it’s vital to develop a network of resources. If you can delegate, put that resource down. 

Time is so important and it’s one of our best resources. Distractions happen so I always suggest putting a cushion in to get things done. 


Lesson 4: Structuring Ideas

Let’s get clear on which ideas can be done with ease. Download the PDF I’ve provided for a simple worksheet. Here you will rank your wonderful ideas based on their potential value and the time you’ll need to complete them. You might have a great idea that takes a short amount of time, but the workload is not easy. This ranking exercise helps you to really gain structure around your ideas.

Lesson 5: Defining Your Strategy 

“Success is 20% skill, 80% strategy”- Jim Rohn 

This quote encompasses how I feel about goal setting and how to really make a brainstorm effective. If you neglect a strategy, success is much harder to achieve.

All your brainstorming work comes into action in this step. This is where you’ll set priorities in the downloaded document. Go through each idea to prioritize them in order of complexity and importance. What rings true for you? Which ideas really light you up and inspire you to take action? The ones that are your top 5 are the ones that matter most. You’ll use these to move forward as a strategy in growing your business.You can make a clear decision on what is a higher priority than the others. 

Now that you’ve gotten your ideas, potential value, resources and strategy on paper, you can get clear on how to move forward in your Girl Boss journey. Give yourself credit for learning how to brainstorm effectively. The hardest part is getting started. I’m always here to help and guide you through this process. Remember, there are no true shortcuts to success!

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