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Empowering Your Biz For The New Year

Do you have some big goal(s) you would like to achieve this upcoming year for your business?

Have you already started thinking to yourself - 'This Year I Will...'

Well, one of the biggest lessons I've learned is if you want to bring in something new into your life, you got to make room for it first.

This is not only true for adding new personal items in your life. Like making room in your closet for a new wardrobe, by removing all the old stuff you don't wear anymore.

It is also true if you want to make the massive shift this new year in growing your business.


To grow in your business, letting go of anything from this past year that was no longer serving you, will be the first step towards achieving your big goal(s) in the new year.


One of these, in particular, is letting go of any resentments or regrets, you might still be holding on to this past year.

Past resentments or regrets you are holding on to only serve one purpose - they are experiences to learn from, to help you grow. Once you've reviewed them and learned from them, it's all about letting them go, so you free up space in your mind for creating new abundant opportunities.


However, if you don't let these go and still hold on to them, you are not making room in your mind for any new opportunities to arise to help you achieve your new year's goal(s).


Hence why it's essential to let go of any resentments or regrets you have from this past year so you successfully achieve your goals in the new year.

I know it can sound difficult to let some of this stuff go, we are our worst critics and can be hard on ourselves for many things. However, to achieve higher levels of success, it requires us to be more compassionate and forgiving to ourselves. It's during those times we see the missing pieces which we can then use for our advantages later on.

To feel seriously Empowered & incredibly confident of the bold goals you have decided to go after this new year. It's time to reflect on things that are holding up space in your mind and remove what's no longer serving you.


The following empowerment exercise is a powerful tool to use to help massively boost this process of letting go:


Your Dear Past Letter

For this exercise, you will write your past a Dear John, break-up letter. Just like you would write a letter to someone who desires to let go of and break up from, you will do the same thing for anything from this past year you still feel any resentment or regrets over.

Take as long as you need. Think over anything you want to let go of and what lessons you had learned from those experiences. After you've done that, use what you learned to write your letter. After you wrote your letter, you can burn it, cut it up, throw it away, or mail it to yourself. 

It's up to you what you do with the letter after.  However, the important piece of this exercise is for you to forgive anything you did this past year that you may resent or regret. To learn from the experiences, so you can use this learning to help you grow more in this upcoming year. 

Below is a sample of a letter I have written:


If you're ready to achieve big goals this new year, you gotta let go of any resentments or regrets. You might still be holding on to this past year. I would highly recommend writing a Dear Past Letter to Empower Your Biz For The New Year. This Empowering Letter will help you let go of the past so that you can bring all that abundance into your new year!!!

Happy New You Beautiful!!!

This Is Your Year To Believe You'll Will Achieve Great Things!!



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