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How To Empower Your Inner Superhero

#girlboss business growth Aug 27, 2019

When you were little, did you often pretend you were a superhero?

You know, you'd wear your wonder woman arm cuffs & tiara or sport your superwoman cape, & play the protector for good.

You'd run around the house or neighborhood for hours, fighting off some imaginary evildoer — each time bringing back peace and harmony to the world after each defeat of your imaginary foe.

Then after you'd finish your superhero work for the day. You'd sit down in front of the TV to watch you favorite super person show. You've be on the couch, eyes glued to the screen, engrossed in the story being told.

Periodically you'd make mental notes of the wrestling moves from your favorite character. Thinking to yourself, "I'll have to remember this one for later."

Didn't life seem so simple back then when all you had to do was get yourself ready into your superhero outfit and fight the bad guys away?

Well, whatever happened to that superhero you once were?

Where did she go?

Well, Beautiful she is still there, still inside you. Waiting patiently for the day she can once again come out and fight for the good.

Heck. She may even already popped up once in a while in the sly, without you consciously knowing it.

She could've been there those times you'd fought for something good to happen to someone you cared about.

Or she could've been there looking sexy in her outfit during that Halloween party you went to that one time.

However, I do know one thing for sure. Though you may not have realized it, your Inner Superhero was there with you, when you decided to leap into becoming an entrepreneur.

See, your Inner Superhero of your younger years never went away. She's always been there with you, and now it's time to let her come out and play more.

Because if you're looking to grow your business, to increase your sales, and achieve more income in the work you love to do. It's time to bring your Inner Superhero with you now fully into your biz to support you as you reach this new level.


To bring in your Inner Superhero fully into your biz takes you simply knowing what signals you require for requesting her Superhero help. We all have our own evildoers that require our inner Superhero to come to save the day. So, if you haven't connected with your Inner Superhero in a while, you may have forgotten how to signal her to help you fight off your foe.

Here is one of the most common diabolical evildoers you might be facing now, who your Inner Superhero can battle.

Are you ready to throw on the cape to save your day?

Most Common Diabolical Evil Doer = Procrastination

Oh, procrastination. It has a way of becoming a diabolical evil doer when it shows up during those times you got something important to get done. when you suddenly think cleaning out the refrigerator is a way better idea than following up with a potential client.

It is a clear sign you are allowing procrastinating to be a diabolical evil doer to you gaining more income in your business.

When you notice you're procrastinating like this, (honestly who likes cleaning out the refrigerator). You're avoiding something out of fear.

Meaning you are letting the fear hold power over you, stopping you from moving the needle in your biz sales.

When the evildoer of procrastination shows up, take a moment to pause, notice it, then ask yourself the following:

"Does this have to be done ASAP?"

If the answer is a no, immediately send the signal to call in your Inner Superhero.

To do this, you ask this follow-up question:

"What would my Inner Superhero do here?"

When you ask these questions, it's your superhero signal for help.

It allows your Inner Superhero to hear your cry for support banishing this foe.

Your Inner Superhero will see your signal for help and she will immediately throw on her cape (or arm cuffs) to take action to rid you of this diabolical evildoer!

The next time procrastination pops up, and you find yourself cleaning out something to avoid doing your biz #hustle. Ask the above questions to signal your Inner Superhero to come out to be by your side fully to Empower your day for women in biz success.


Bring her out Beautiful. She's ready to come out and play again!

And, if it helps you can wear the cape or arm cuffs, you know you wanna! đŸ˜‰



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