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Finding What you Love to Do and Making it Work for You

#girlboss confidence building self empowerment self-care Feb 01, 2021
Girl Boss Motivation & Empowerment

It’s been said “Find what you love to do and never work a day in your life.”

Is this actually true? Can you find something you enjoy doing and become someone who loves what they do?

I’m here to tell you, yes! 

As a business owner and someone who empowers other people for a living, I can tell you without a doubt that I love what I do. I love encouraging and helping others. And when I found out that I could do this as a career, it was as though the heavens opened up in approval.

So, what is a huge part of you that can help facilitate this quest for loving what you do?

This month, February, is the month of love. While it’s easy to focus on the significant other in your life, I want you to also focus on finding what you love to do. 

Below are a few ways to help you figure out if what you like can be something you love ...and if you can take this love into a future career!


Brainstorm like Crazy: This is something you need to do. A lot. Daydream, write things down, talk to yourself. You must think about all the things you like to do and see if one of them is an avenue for a future career. Do you love working with kids? Are you a natural speaker? Is creating things your deal? Ask yourself, “Is there something I already love doing?” Odds are always good that what you like to do will be something you are good at. And when both of these work together, you’ve found the golden key to success.


Ask Around: When you’re looking to embark on a new path, find folks in the field you’re interested in and ask questions. With the click of a mouse, you have access to a myriad of people who can answer your questions. Talk to people in the industry you’re interested in. Ask about the pros and cons. The possibilities are endless and asking questions is a sure way to find your love. You never know what door can open when you ask questions!


Lead with Your Strengths: This coincides with brainstorming. By thinking about what you’re good at, you have a list of strengths!  If you’re a wood-worker, then maybe creating furniture or working in a field where this is a part of your everyday life! If you dislike answering phones or talking in front of people, being a motivational speaker may not be your best route! Lead with your strengths, my friends. It will make and keep you happy. Think about what you’re good at and make finding out what this your biggest passion this year.


Do as Much Research as Possible: You may have already done some research when brainstorming. However, this is where you really get into researching your ideas. With the internet at your fingertips, make sure you do as much research as you can. Read the articles, read the reviews, ask the question, and talk to folks who do what you want to do for a living. Read books, talk with your family and friends, and meditate on how doing what you love will make you a better person. Research...and research some more. It’s best to know what you’ll be headed into before it’s too late to back out or before you waste more of your valuable time.


Education Can’t Hurt: Maybe you’ve figured out what you’re good at and now you find you need a little bit more education to truly hone your craft. Before you embark on the journey, this is a great time to take a few extra classes, or serve as a volunteer, or do that apprenticeship. Education opens your eyes to all that goes into the very thing you think you’d love to do. When you see the ins and outs, it helps to narrow down the choices, whittling away the uncertainty, until you know exactly what you love to do.


Sometimes, all we need is some thought behind finding out what we love to do. When we dig deep into what we like, ask others about what we love, research and gain more knowledge about it, it’s only a matter of time until we pinpoint our true desire and ultimately turn it into something we want to do! 

Finding what you love to do empowers YOU to become what you were born to be! And there is nothing more satisfying than that.



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