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How To Be The CEO Your Parents May Have Wanted You To Marry

#girlboss ceo lady boss confidence building Jul 23, 2019

Having had grown up as a 1st generation American woman from immigrant parents. Their biggest goal for me was to go to a good university so I could meet a smart man who would become a successful CEO of a company who would take good care of me.

For them, this was the ideal "American Dream" come true for their daughter. As immigrants, they were oh too sadly familiar with hardship placed upon women on this world. Their dream was for me to have a better life & that meant marriage to a CEO would be the key.

I still recall the day after I just graduated from getting my bachelors degree. My family and I in the kitchen as was the custom of an immigrant household, the kitchen being the heart of the house we always hung out.

Me sitting still in bliss after the rush of haven gotten my diploma and scored a full-time job at an international technology company. To then have my father downplay my scholarly and career accomplishments to point-blank ask me, "So did you meet a good guy at school?"

This innocent statement crushed me. Because at that moment, I secretly realized I wanted not just to marry a CEO of a successful company, I wanted to be one.

It took me a decade after this to finally come to grips of me creating my first business and another decade after that to embrace this truth. As well to understand if I want to have it all, I can, and I don't need to sacrifice to do it either.

How was I able to finally figure this all out?

By investing in me, when I began as an entrepreneur to bring on guides to help me along with my business journey.

One of the most important things my guides, had helped me as I started, and continue to help me as I grow and prosper, is to see one crucial thing.

I Am Enough.

I am Enough to Be The CEO that my parents always wanted me to marry.

And I am enough to marry another CEO and for us to both have happy thriving businesses we each run.

You're enough to be who you are and if that is a Ruler of your own company. Well Gorgeous, you are plenty of enough to take on this role.

If you have any doubt, don't hesitate and schedule an empowerment call with me.

I am more than happy to help you see how you're enough to make the CEO #GirlBoss life you desire come true!!


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