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An Easy Tip For Growing Your Business Baby

One of the funniest lessons I've learned from being an entrepreneur is having a business is so similar to having a child

It seriously is the same process one goes through when having a baby and trying to raise it into a thriving, self-sufficient adult, who in the end takes care of you.

All those different development cycles we as humans go through to grow is hands down quite similar when you got a business.

For example, as a new business owner, when you first have your business baby, you gotta put in a good deal of work to care for it in the beginning — late nights, not enough sleep, feeding it regularly, and yeah good deal of work.

Once you get over this first phase with your business is doing well, and able to function more on its own - say you are getting in some decent income. The business baby grows up to the next stage of toddlerhood, where you don't have to work as hard, but you gotta start putting up toddler gates so it won't hurt itself when it runs around on its own.

As you get more income, it grows into a child, with even more profits it becomes a teenager and this is where you gotta setup up a bunch of rules, or it will drive you crazy. Then finally, when more profits keep coming in, it becomes a fully functioning adult able to care for you entirely.

The quicker you can move your business through its developmental stages and do it effectively. You get the benefits of a company which runs on its own.

Now, if you are looking at your current business and feel you wished it would give you more freedom. It might be time to take a moment to look at where you are in the business development cycle. You can gain clarity on how to move your business forward based on what stage it is in at your current moment.

Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine what resources you need to help you grow your business into its next stage:

1) What Additional Nutrients Does Your Business Require For Growth

Think of what kind of things would provide more fuel into growing your business. Is potentially investing more cash into your business help pay for additional operation resources, or maybe providing different marketing or sales options to get your business out to the market. Consider what options would feed your business to grow more.


2) What New Resources You Need To Help Support You

We can only do so much on our own. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and your business is no different. Do you need to bring on support to help you in your day-to-day home to give you more time to work on your business versus cleaning the house? Is it time to hire that VA who is good at doing Social Media. Consider who you do require to help you grow your business.

3) Are You Connecting With Fellow Female Biz Ladies Often

It can get lonely when you are raising your business baby all on your own. The challenges, the long days, and the struggles can get you down and have you at times considering maybe this biz thing is not for you. Thus being connected to a group of fellow female biz ladies is the best cure to help relieve the loneliness and support you further in your growth. Join my Facebook Group - Next Level StarBoss. It's a private group all about Empowering Women In Business every day providing you the fellow female biz ladies to be there to help you continue to grow.

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Use the above questions to help you grow with ease your business baby today!



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