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How To Get Well Deserved Me Time


When you have a lot on your plate, well deserved Me Time is necessary. However, sometimes it is hard to figure out with all you have going on, how to make it happen for real.

To get some well deserved me time, here are five simple tips you can try today to make it happen.


1) Wake Up A Few Minute Early

Getting up earlier can give you a few free minutes all to you. It doesn't have to be a great deal of time. Even an extra 10 to 20 minutes can make a difference, for you.


2) Stay Up A Few Minutes Later

Like getting up early, staying up a few minutes later can allow you some me time to relax and renew after all the chaos of the day has gone to bed. Only a few minutes can make a massive difference in letting go of your busy day to help you wind down for a good nights sleep.


3) Bath Time

Oh the bathroom, such a sacred place and also a great way to lock the door and enjoy a well deserved long shower or bubble bath all by yourself. Sometimes adding this into your early am or stay up a few minutes later time can mean a huge difference in giving you your well-deserved bliss.


4) Get Outdoors

Be it hiking nearby, going to a local park, or seated outdoors near a lovely tree can mean the difference in giving you some time alone to decompress.


5) Music Time

Get out your favorite chill out tunes and headphones and escape anywhere you can sit safely and close your eyes. A great way to chill if you are at your desk or in your parked car in a parking lot. A 4 to a 5-minute song can make you enjoy the moment and release the day for you.


Keep these in mind when you need some well-deserved downtime to relax and renew your day. Each of these is easy, and you can do anytime you need your You Time today.



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