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How To Stay Motivated - Quick Tips For Girl Bosses

ceo lady boss motivation Jun 11, 2019

One of the biggest challenges I found when I first started as an entrepreneur a decade ago was staying motivated to keep going each day.

When you feel like you're standing in the mud instead of what you had initially dreamed you'd be standing up the mountain of success. It can be daunting, and feeling confident about future success or ability to achieve that dream can feel pretty low.

Especially when you have the evidence of your current situation not visually reflecting the dream situation you had imagined when you first started.

When I started as an entrepreneur in the early days, my dreams of living a high-end life right away was let's say, well-meaning, but unrealistic.

You see, when I was starting at entrepreneur ground zero, I didn't realize it had to take more time than I had realized to make my dreams real. I had based all of this assumption using an old mindset of how I had gained income in the corporate world, which is a different income mindset of an entrepreneur.

After much trial and error in my entrepreneurial journey, I discovered, a few tricks to help me get through those days when I would struggle.

If you feel you are dealing with the same struggle right now, try this simple exercise out to help you stay motivated to make your dreams real:

Build Your Bridge Exercise

To move your life forward is about bridging the gap of where you are and where you would like to be, to do this, you gotta create your bridge to get you there.

1) Architect Your Future's Design

The bridge begins with one stone or piece of rope to allow you to move forward in your journey.

A trick to help you begin bridging the gap to where you are to where you will be on visualizing you are already at your destination at the top of the mountain.

How I did this was to outline in detail your future self, every little piece. Detail it all out — where, who, what, sensations, etc.

2) Create The Visual Model Of Your Future Design

Make your design into a visual model.

You can write it out, create visual pictures, or even create a posit note with a statement of where you see your future self.

I find getting pictures are very helpful because they show you a visual representation of who you are in the future.

3) Look At Your Future's Design Daily

Place this somewhere you will see it daily. To help remind you and keep you focused on where you are going.

Also, spend time each day either in the AM before you start your day, or in the PM before you retire, visualizing yourself living in your future self you have architected out in detail. Set aside time where you will not be disturbed and can close your eyes safely to live in your future self for this moment.

Imagine you are accepting the award, depositing the large check from the client, buying the high-end shoes. Have fun here and enjoy the experience.



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