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Manifesting Happiness

#girlboss business growth confidence building self empowerment self-care Jul 14, 2020

What does manifesting your happiness feel like to you?

Recently this was a question that someone asked me that I found very empowering during these uncertain times.

It's been months now that the world has been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and still much uncertainty exists to when our life will return to the old days of living. With all this uncertainty, I'm found self-care has become a vital priority in my life to help me stay empowered and calm.

One area of self-care, in particular, is in self-empowering how I care for my feelings when they come up. And I'm finding the more work I'm doing in this area in myself, the less I'm being paralyzed by fear and worry.

Caring for my feelings when they come up is a new thing for me, truthfully. For most of my life, my thoughts were the ruling state of affairs, with my feelings being rarely addressed. If something came up that upset me, my old way was to suppress the feelings and muscle through what I had to accomplish. Which I've found, for many of us as women, we know how to do a little too well.

For many of the women clients I've coached over the years, I've seen this same common belief that you have to suppress your feelings when you're supporting others. This is great when you're handling situations where thinking is king, like scoring a big business deal for your boss, taking care of kids' daily activities, being productive at the office, etc.

But, when something upsets you, how you support your emotions has a powerful impact on manifesting your happiness.

It is easy to think about what happiness will look like for you as you pursue your Girl Boss dreams. The home, car, money, etc. can be easily thought up, but when the world is full of uncertainty. Our minds will come up with all sorts of thoughts of fear that will hold you back from making your dreams real. You'll think you can't start that business now, or find paid clients, or charge your true rate because of the world's full of uncertainty, fear, and worry.

However, the most successful people in the world didn't create their dreams based on what they thought. They created their success based on the motivation of how they would feel in accomplishing their dreams.

What you attract is how you feel and how you feel is the vibe you share with others in the world. Feelings are stronger than thoughts, especially the feelings that fill you with safety, connection, love, and freedom. Our happiness is based on feeling these things inside, not just only thinking about them.

The truth is we can't control what happens outside of us. We can only control ourselves. Manifesting happiness aligns with what your heart believes you will feel. In times of uncertainty, it's your feelings that are your guiding light to lead you on a path that will provide you the future that is filled with safety, connection, love, and freedom.

So what does manifesting your happiness feel like to you?

Empower your future with how manifesting your Girl Boss dreams will feel like. You were born to live a life where you have ample amounts of safety, connection, love, and freedom.

So what do these things feel like to you?

How will it feel to have the freedom to create your own work schedule, work with a great team, or make an impact while making a living?

To empower the confidence in making your intended Girl Boss dreams a reality, even with the fear and worry over all the uncertainty happening in the outside world, use this question today to empower you forward.

Your Girl Boss's success is possible even in times of uncertainty. All it takes is knowing how your success will feel, as this is your motivation for empowering your future today.




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