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How Having a Mindset of Gratitude at Work, Works

attitude of gratitude business growth latina entrepreneur Nov 01, 2022
Gratitude at work,

And How Being Critical Might Be Holding You Back

We all have experienced those negative people at work who never have something positive to say. They constantly ooze negativity, whether to complain about a boss that always over-assigns work or to roll their eyes at a difficult client. Sometimes, our colleagues do give us something to complain about, but most of the time, it starts with our mindset.

Choosing to have an attitude of gratitude will work wonders for your reputation and success at work. Here are three reasons why.


1. Gratitude at Work Helps You Build Bonds

You may have heard the phrase “energy is contagious.” Spending time with positive people will give us a little pep in our step that wasn’t there before. On the other hand, people with a pessimistic attitude can suck the will to live right from your soul. Which person would you rather be around?

Embody the kind of energy you want to be associated with, and watch people treat you accordingly. Openly expressing gratitude works in myriad ways, as it strengthens trust, builds friendships, and enhances the daily enjoyment of the little things. Instead of criticizing someone for what they did wrong, thank them for where they excelled.


2. Gratitude at Work Offers You Opportunities

Saying “thank you” to your colleagues when they take the time to help you and showing appreciation for the opportunities your boss sends your way show what kind of person you are. And people who are grateful for the chances they get are the ones who will get more exciting prospects sent their way.

If a group project arises, and someone has to choose who’s a part of that team, who do you think will get the job? The person who frequently expresses gratitude at work or the person who drags their feet and complains? People like surrounding themselves with positivity, so gratitude works even to advance your career.


3. Gratitude at Work Increases Productivity

Are you the big boss who runs your own company? It still pays to show gratitude at work! Forbes highlights three reasons that make gratitude an important leadership quality and all about mindset. When you are thankful for what you have, you are generally more patient and understanding too.

Business owners accustomed to expressing gratitude at work tend to have a growth mindset and work as humble leaders. This mindset is essential in today’s ever-changing world, as it boosts productivity by making workers feel important and valued.


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