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An Easy Trick To Networking For Introverts

Being an introvert, I love having those days where I can stay home, seated in my comfy chair, under my warm faux fur blanket while I get engrossed in a good book with a cat on my lap all while sipping a hot cup of tea.

However being a female entrepreneur, I know if I desire to be a successful entrepreneur. I have to put my introvert on the sidelines and get out of the house and network to grow my businesses.

I was lucky to learn early on the tips to be a great networker. It doesn't matter if you are an introvert or extrovert. What matters is if you can connect with others and share with them the solution(s) you have for the specific customers you know who are looking for your answers.

I also know, when I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone, like going out to meet a bunch of strangers. My introvert will start screaming and having anxiety attacks because all it wants to do is go back to hiding under the covers.

The greatest lesson I learned as a female entrepreneur which helps me each time my introvert wants to go into hiding is to repeat to myself the following statement:


How I came to create this mantra to help me network was I realized one day, my businesses were significant to me. I was passionate about the work I did. I would get excited each time I would get to work in my business doing what I enjoyed.

The clients I would get to work with, all of it made me happy. Because when I assessed how my life was like before becoming an entrepreneur I was miserable before my business. Because I was not making a career in what I was passionate about and enjoyed.

Now as I have been an entrepreneur for over a decade now, and I have created multiple successful businesses. I equate each one like they were one my kids who I helped grow into the world and see each prosper. The last thing I would want to do is hurt my child. Thus began the statement which made me realize, if I hid, no one would know about my business. I would not get any customers leading to not making any money, and in the end, I would be hurting my business child's growth.

Thus if you too are a female entrepreneur who is an introvert and your temped to hide instead of doing the networking hustle.

Think of your business, as if it was your kid. Don't let your business kid down.

Get out there and do the extra hustle to show off how amazing your business is, just like a proud mama who would show off how amazing her child is. :)

Your business and your next clients are excitedly waiting for you to shine.



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