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How One Simple Phrase Can Empower Your Life

Do you often have a voice in your head, who is constantly judging what you do?

The one that pops up and criticizes something you may have said or done?

Well, if you do. Then what I am about to share will you, will help break the hold this negative voice has over you.

You see, I too once had this super judgmental and critical voice, who would pop up all the time criticizing everything I did or said. I pretty much called her Negative Nancy, and man was she mean.

My Negative Nancy voice would get on me hard even for the little things. She ruled my thoughts & actions and prevented me from feeling in any way empowered in my life.

Then I discovered this Positive Post-It Notes Exercise, which helped break the hold this judgmental Negative Nancy voice had over me. Allowing me to transform my life is many Empowering ways.

Positive Post-It Notes Exercise

Step #1: Choose Your Post-In Note

Pick a post-it note which makes you happy. It can be any particular size or color. The only requirement is it sticks easily to a surface and is blank.

Step #2: Choose Your Empowerment Mantra

A mantra is a simple phrase you repeat over and over again. The most empowering words to use when you start your mantra is: 'I AM' or 'I CHOOSE.' These two phrases ignite empowering thoughts each time you say them to yourself or out loud. After these two empowering words, choose one or two words to describe the Empowering mantra you will be repeating.

Examples of Mantras you can create are:

I AM Enough
I CHOOSE Happiness


Step #3: Write Your Mantra

Once you have determined what your mantra will be. Write it out clearly on your post-it note. For me, I like to write mine in all caps using a thick marker pen. This allows my mantra to stand out clearly on your post-it note.


Step #4: Place Your Post-It Note Some Place Visible

After you have written your mantra on your post-it note, place it someplace visible where you can see it every day. I highly recommend putting it on the bathroom mirror, as this allows you to see your mantra first thing in the morning & last thing before you go to bed.


Step #5: Practice Your Mantra Daily

Each day when you see your post-it note, repeat either to yourself or out loud your mantra. (For extra empowerment, I recommend doing both). Repeat it one to 3 times minimum each time you see your mantra. Each day you repeat this mantra will help shift your negative voice's power over you. Practice this for 3 to 4 months, and you will start to notice how your negative voice gets weaker.

So if you're struggling with negative thoughts popping up and criticizing your day, try out this Positive Post-It Notes Exercise. It will help to change your thoughts for Empowering Your Life today!!



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