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3 Simple Tips To Prevent Overwhelm While Running Your Business

ceo lady boss Dec 04, 2018

Having a background as an endurance athlete, I have seen the similarities in what it takes to be successful and achieving a goal. Be it running a marathon or running a business, I can tell from personal experience. Running a business is an endurance feat, especially in the early years.

There is a lot to do. From setting up sales, marketing, systems, etc. It is not a quick sprint of getting things done as fast as you can, to reach the finish line as soon as you can.

Yet if you truly want to be a lady boss, who is a #glamgirlboss, who reaches a finish line looking fabulous—where you take a super sexy selfie versus looking like you nearly died at the finish line—here are a few tips to keep in mind while you are doing your thing as the CEO of your business.  These tips will help you not feel overwhelmed while you are doing your day-to-day hustle:


#1 - Build in Your Glam Time During Your Business Day

#2 - Budget Your Finances Based on the Time Your Taking

#3 - Bring in a Support Group


When I started as an entrepreneur, I took it as if I was running my business like a sprinter, because I was a sprinter as an endurance athlete. I loved the speed and how fast I could run. Well, when I decided to run a marathon, it became clear that if you are going to run a business, it is a marathon, not a sprint. To run a marathon successfully it is about having an ease to your running pace. Meaning, running your 30 mile run at a pace where you can have an easy conversation with someone while you run. This advice ensures that you are not over-taxing your body, allowing you to run this long distance with ease.

This is also equivalent in your business. Adding glam time into your business work schedule will allow you to have more ease and not tax your business performance. Because, if you are running a business in its early stages with little or no staff, it is very important to keep yourself happy. You are your sole employee and have to keep your employees happy as a CEO. When you add in the time, you can budget your finances based on the time you set for your glam girl reviving.

Glam time I’ve found best can be anyting which works best for you to feel fabulous.  In working with my clients the following are things which have worked for them. These are: scheduling a massage, mani/pedi, hair appointments, spa days, relaxing baths, yoga, or any activity you to do at least once a week to slow your pace down and allow you to be at ease while running your business.

These weekly eases give you more energy—some of my clients have noted having even 10 times more energy after building this time into their business lives. This extra energy allows your business to make more money because it gets all those money juices flowing, allowing you to grow your business wealthier and wealthier each day.

Try this tip the next time you are feeling overwhelmed. See how it helps you be a CEO Lady Boss, exceptional in your business success.


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