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How Do You Deal With A Crippling Self Doubt?

When you're finally ready to move on, from an old way of living to pursue a new path in your journey as a Girl Boss, often, what tends to happen is you'll hit a wall on what to focus.

If you're facing this challenge now, you're not alone.

With many ideas for getting that Girl Boss business off the ground or taking it to a new level, determining the right path to take can be overwhelming. You've got a lot of great ideas, so trying to decide which one would be the best to take can be very frustrating.

The thing is, from my personal experience and the many female entrepreneurs, I've coached over the years. That you truthfully already know which one of your many ideas to pick to move you forward successfully onto that new path you desire.

Ok, you might be now wondering. Then why are you still lost in trying to determine which one to pick?

Well, the core problem as to why you've been having a hard time getting focused on the idea you know is right is you're pursuing something you never tried before. And anytime you do that, self-doubt will creep in, getting you to second guess your heart's intention.

Change isn't easy. Being human, we are biologically programmed for comfort, and because change requires uncomfortableness. We are naturally not inclined to go towards something uncomfortable.

When you desire to pursue a change from an old familiar path to a new one, your mind will come up with a million scenarios to dissect our ideas to the point beyond confusion.

Our minds mean well. The main function of our mind is to be there to protect us and keep us safe. The thing is, your ideas come from your heart because it's there where your passion for serving others resides.

Your heart wants to make a positive impact in this world, and it has many ideas to help you do that with your Girl Boss business. It's your heart who knows which one of those ideas will be the best to pursue and what new path to take. Your heart does not doubt this idea, because it knows that's the one to focus on for leading you to the intended Girl Boss victory you desire.

Your mind, on the other hand, wants to keep you safe, and anytime your heart mentions 'take this new path.' Your mind's normal response back is to build a wall of doubt at the entrance of that new path, because it needs to think through all the millions of uncertain self-doubt scenarios since it doesn't see what the heart sees.

One of the techniques I've found that helps remove any of these self-doubt roadblocks that arise when trying to focus on implementing your heart's new idea is to practice a daily affirmation.

Affirmations are an easy way to get your mind to focus on a positive intention that empowers your heart and crumbles the walls of the self-doubt that are crippling you from moving forward.

Below is one of my favorite daily affirmations exercise that I often recommend my clients to try:

Post It Positive Note Exercise:

This exercise consists of a five step process that will take you roughly 5-10 minutes to complete. All you need is a post-it note, a pen or sharpie, tape, and your bathroom mirror.  Here are the steps:

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

  • Choose your post-it note and sharpie/pen in your favorite color. Have fun with getting these and select a pen and post-it note in colors that makes me smile. 

Step 2: Determine Your Potential Affirmations

  • Now take a moment to notice any self-doubt statements that you repeat to yourself when you're trying to select any of your ideas to pursue.
  • Then select a positive statement that is the opposite of your self-doubt statement.
  • Write as many positive statements as you can think of that resonates with you deeply for each of the self-doubt statements you notice.
    • For example, you may have a great idea, but you don't think you are good enough to go for it. Your negative self-doubt statement would then be: "I'm not good enough." To make it into a positive statement you could write " I am Good Enough" or "I am a Rockstar!" or "I am Successful!", etc.

Step 3: Choose Your Favorite Affirmation

  • After you get all your positive statements down. Choose your favorite one that makes your smile the most to be your daily affirmation.
  • Once you got your favorite, write it down clearly and legibly on your post-it note.

Step 4: Implement Your Affirmation

  • Then take a piece of tape and put your post-it note on your bathroom mirror at eye level height.
  • Every day from the moment that you get up in the morning to the time you go to bed, you will automatically see your positive affirmation on your bathroom mirror and this will get the empowering mojo going. 

Step 5: Practice Affirmation Daily

  • When you practice this exercise daily, look at your affirmation on your mirror and read it silently to yourself two to three times.  For added benefit, you can read it out loud or even sing it joyfully to yourself while adding in some your fav dance moves to have your own daily Girl Boss Dance Party. 😉
  • As you practice this affirmation twice daily, you'll start to notice your mind will focus more on thinking about your affirmation and helping your heart take empowering actions to fulfill your dreams vs. coming up with crippling self-doubt scenarios. 

Try out this exercise today to help you crumble and remove any walls that are crippling you with self-doubt. So you can  focus on that right idea you know will take your entrepreneurial Girl Boss business to that next level of success you desire now.



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