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Why Self Love Gives You More Power To Thrive

#girlboss women empowerment Sep 24, 2019

We all at times get nervous over our work. Fearing our exposure of sharing our knowledge, skills, services, or products might be rejected by others.

I've learned through much personal work, guidance, and support from the mentors and coaches whom I have invested in over the years. That Love, specifically Self-Love is how to Empower yourself when the fear and nerves come up.

Self-Love is how to Empower yourself when the fear and nerves come up.

As an entrepreneur, I've found it really is vital to have a healthy sense of self-love, to make yourself successful. You're out there, at times putting it all out on the line without a guarantee anything will work.

Having self-love for yourself, I've found, is how to Empower your way through even some of the most challenging, nervous, fear-based times of an entrepreneurial journey.

Love is more powerful than fear, and it is in this power of love for yourself, which can provide the ability to handle any circumstance.

Now, fear has its place. When used during the right times, it can help you prevent or even survive hard times. I know fear taught me in my younger years to strive to be or do better, by continuing to analyze and assess my actions.

When one shifts from the world of survival to thriving, it's about being whole in who you are, to drive yourself forward to achieve your dreams.

When fear is in the driver seat, you're more likely to drive yourself backward, not forward.

To begin to Empower your entrepreneurial journey, here are a couple of tips I have learned to help Empower Self-Love in your life:

1. Take Yourself Out on a Date.

You beautiful deserve the best date ever, you who not to take you out is you. Hey, what better way to show yourself some self-love than to take yourself out. You know what you like, so plan a day and time and schedule it in your calendar. Go all out on your date, sport your super cute outfit, buy yourself the flowers, the gift, or treat yourself to what floats your boat and makes your heart sing. It is your time to treat yourself like the Queen đź‘‘ you are! 


2. Lens Of Love

One of my dear friends who's a Relationship Coach, Irene Abbou, taught me this fantastic exercise. It is taking the story of fear you're telling yourself and retelling it via the lens of love. To learn more about this exercise, contact Irene via her company website: 

Happiness Within Reach -


When you are whole in who you, it gives you the power not to be destroyed by those who are willing to put you at a lower level due to their fear.

When you empower self-love in your life, it will Empower your growth forward to achieving your dreams of thriving in a business of abundance.



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