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The Power of Speaking With Confidence

confidence building women empowerment women-owned business Feb 01, 2023
Learn how to be confident while speaking as a woman in business

How to Be a Confident Woman in Business

Speaking with confidence doesn’t always come easy. When nerves and uncertainty overcome us, our words may not register with our intended audience as we hope. 

Learning how to speak confidently and thrive in your career starts from within. To support you as a woman entrepreneur, use these handy tips to help you speak with confidence.


Avoid Doubting Yourself

As a woman in business, the words you think about when you are going to express yourself or take action on something can empower or disempower you. You build your confidence by becoming mindful of the words you use. STEM Women highlight that the words we use affect how others perceive us. Notice when you think being ‘bossy’ means being too loud, which makes you doubt yourself speaking up. Instead, own being ‘bossy.’ You have every right to take up space and claim your power. You are a Business Woman BOSS, after all!


Stop Apologizing

People (but typically women) say “sorry” for things out of their control far too much. However, you might think saying it often makes you sound polite. Instead, it makes you come across as weak and uncertain. Forbes highlights how women can take their power back from over-apologizing with self-awareness. Begin by noticing how often you apologize daily and start slipping in some alternatives. 


Choose Powerful Phrases

Another option to help you be mindful of the words you use is adding powerful phrases into your daily life. For example, here are some phrases that you might say that you can switch out for powerful phrase alternatives.

  •   Replace “I just want to check…” with “To confirm…”
  •   Replace “I might be wrong but…” with confidently stating your opinion.
  •   Replace “Sorry to bother you…” with “Thank you for your help with…”
  •   Replace “I think…” with a statement.


Being confident with speaking as a businesswoman starts with becoming aware of the words you use. Notice words that give you doubt and switch them into ones that empower you. Remember: An apology should be genuine and intentional, not something to say daily. You are a Boss Lady. Own that with confidence. 


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